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What Are The Most Powerful Chinese Herbs For Longevity?

By June 3, 2017Herbs

Longevity is associated with age and your life span. Aging is a normal cycle and an inevitable process of life; the faster we accept it, the better. As we age, the metabolism process of the body changes and so does all the internal professes, thus creating a lack of energy and efficiency.

This makes us more vulnerable to some of the degenerative diseases, such as cardiac arrests, diabetes, strokes and also cancer. Free radical damage also increases through oxidation and ends up rusting the body. It is the traditional Chinese herbs that helps in maintaining longevity and ensures that he process of aging does not affect the dramatically.

There are probably hundreds of Chinese tonic herbs and herbal products available on the market today to simply confuse your thoughts. But amongst all these herbs, there are two major Chinese tonic herbs that have been researched and identified to provide the best longevity benefits. Herbs called Reishi and Ho Shou Wu are commonly known for its innumerable benefits, but what makes them more important is that these are excellent longevity herbs available today.

Reishi- The Mushroom that Supports Health
Reishi is possibly one of the most commonly used Chinese tonic herbs. It has been used for treating several diseases. It is basically a type of mushroom that has anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, anti-hypersensitive, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic and many other such properties. It also supports the liver. Reishi helps in boosting the immune system and takes care of some of the major organs of the body.

It is often used for lowering the blood pressure levels, cholesterol numbers and also levels of blood sugar. Besides, it also acts as an excellent support for cardiovascular diseases and treats patients with high cholesterol. Research reveals that reishi has often helped in treating cancer too. Overall, it is one Chinese herb that has some benefits for all the major organs of the body and makes sure that you have an increased lifespan.

Reishi is now available in the form of longevity tonics and tablets to restore health benefits. It helps in balancing the stress and demanding modern life, releases fatigue and ensures good health of the immune system and nervous system.

Ho Shou Wu and Longevity Benefits
Ho Shou Wu is also a Chinese tonic herb with several other names like Jiao Teng and Fo-Ti-Tieng, it is conventionally used for making different types of Chinese medicines. It is the root of Ho Shou Wu that is used for making anti-aging or longevity medications, improving sexual health, lowering cholesterol levels, easing back pain and improving overall life.

Chosen from over 10,000 Chinese medicinal herbs, only 60 belongs to the group of the Superior Chinese Tonic Herbs, and Ho Shou Wu is just one of them. It is now widely used and has been made a practice in traditional Chinese medicine for preventing premature aging.

It restores the liver and kidney functions and also tonifies these vital organs. It functions by promoting the vital essence in the body, by nourishing blood and by fortifying the tendons, bones and muscles. It has an extremely soothing effect on all parts of the body that promotes longevity and improves life.

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