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Tips For Growing Herbs Indoors

By August 19, 2017Herbs

There are many herbs that you can grow inside that will do great. If you watch what you are doing, you can grow many herbs inside year round and always have fresh herbs to cook with. The biggest thing to remember with growing herbs in your house is that you have to give them the right kind of light. Herbs are often sensitive to the correct lighting conditions. If you can do this, you will very likely have a great herb garden in your home.

The type of sunlight that comes into the window you use to grow your herb garden is very important. If you are using a window facing the east, you are in great shape. You can get clear morning light that isn’t too hot. If you are using windows that face west or south, that can be good but it can get too hot in the summer. Northern light is usually not good because the light is too weak to grow many herbs.

Also, you want to be sure your herbs are close to the window. If they are more than 2-3 feet from your window and the sun, they are not going to get enough light. The only time this is not the case is when it is midsummer and your window is very hot. In that case, you would want to move the plants back from the intense sun in the middle of the day.

You might be surprised, but how clean your windows are can have an effect on how much light your plants get. If you have any curtains or blinds, this will have an effect too. So make sure you are getting enough light to your plants or you might start having some problems.

Your herbs are going to need at least 6 hours of strong light every day. The light should be strong enough to give a good shadow on your plants when you put your hand between them and the sun.

If you are not able to get enough light on your herbs inside, you always can add some lights. You can put some grow lights on timers and have them turn on for 8 hours per day when you are not even home. This should allow your plants to really grow.

Also you have to water your plants enough. A great way to judge is to stick your finger into the pot about 1.5 inches. If your finger is dry, you need to add water. If it is wet, you should wait a day. After you do this for a week or so, you will have a feel for how much water your herbs need. The watering needs of the plants may alter as you go from season to season and you start running the AC or heat.

We find that if we follow most of these basic rules, we end up with more indoor herbs than we know what to do with! This is a great problem to have. Hopefully you will enjoy them!

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