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The Best Ways In Drying Herbs

By December 24, 2016Herbs

To protect your herbs after harvest, the most excellent way to do this is to dry them. Drying herbs makes it possible for you to keep them for future use – for alternative medicines or for culinary cooking reasons. Drying your preferred herbs makes them helpful for future medicinal and culinary reasons even when they aren’t in your garden anymore. Any tips on how to dry your garden-fresh herbs? If no, please read the article below for guidance.

Drying is a very important component in the effective preservation of newly harvested and fresh herbs. You can do this at home by simply using simple processes. Before drying your herbs, you first need to know if they are good to go for harvesting. For instance, the stems and leaves are most excellent harvested when they start to flower. In the same manner, flowers are also said to be finest harvested before they can start blooming. During spring, twigs and bark are finest gathered for harvest during autumn, when the leaves start to have a change in color for Rhizomes and roots.

When you’re done harvesting, the next step is to wash the leaves, stems and roots carefully. It is very significant to wash the leaves since a majority of gardeners are using fertilizers to track how their herbs grow. Besides, who would want their family to eat foods rich in fertilizers? Cleanly-washed herbs will become safe for consumption. Consider the easy tips below:

1. Air-drying technique

For drying herbs, this is one of the most well-liked methods. First, you have to remove any withered and dead leaves and tie them in small bunches. Next, blanch them in boiling water for a couple of seconds. Get rid of of any excess water from the leaves and let it dry. Using a towel to pat the leaves until they dry can be an alternative. The time-span of time that it will take for the herbs to dry depends on your house’s temperature. Sometimes natural air drying takes two to three days. One of the finest indicators if the leaves and stems are already dry is when the herbs crack and also when the leaves are already delicate.

2.Using an Oven in drying herbs
Drying herbs using an oven is also a good way to successfully protect the garden-fresh herbs harvested from your herb garden.When they are cleaned and ready to dry, you just simply place them in the oven. The temperature of the oven must be at least in the prescribed level during the development. An hour is what it will usually take to dry the leaves in the oven.

3. Using the Microwave in Drying Herbs

Drying your newly harvested herbs in the microwave is a undemanding development.Expert gardeners have been using this process of drying herbs for years. Microwave-drying herbs are easy to do, but you have to be mindful of what you are doing. A layer of herbs needs to be places in 2 sheets of kitchen roll that is absorbent and then put another in a paper towel layer. When you are finished, you can start the oven and commence drying.

So, are you ready to dry your herbs now? Get started by choosing what technique you want to use to dry your herbs. But before anything else, don’t forget to carefully wash your herbs.

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