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The Best Way of Growing Herbs in Container

By February 22, 2017Herbs

Herbs can be planted whether in a container inside the house or directly in the garden.

Whichever way you will use in planting herbs, their requirement for survival are just the same to the other plants.

Container herb plants needs three things as all plants need for survival. These are the sunlight, soil, and water. If you plan to grow herbs inside your house, be sure to have a location where proper sunlight penetrates. Plants as we all know need sunlight to survive it affects their quality of growth and it serves as their source of energy. Some herb growers used fluorescent lamps to provide adequate lighting to the herbs. Another is the pot to be used should be equipped with a rich soil and it should be well drained. It is important to provide herbs with good soil drainage. Be sure to use a pot that has holes in the bottom and place some type of material in the base of the pot that will improve drainage, such as stones or gravel. Lastly, growing herbs in a container needs water. Most herbs are drought resistant. They require regular watering, but will weather dry periods better than they’ll tolerate being soggy and over-watered. The aroma and flavor of many herbs actually improves when the plants are exposed to drier conditions.

Growing herbs in a container makes it easy for you to move them anywhere in the house. It is as handy as you all wanted. Annual herbs can be planted in a container and placed it inside the house but perennial herbs grow at its best when planted outside the house especially during summer. Other herbs should be stayed outside even before the first frost because these types of herbs like mint, chives, and tarragon form firmer and fresher growth after it is introduced to a light frost.

If you plan to grow herbs whether inside or outside the house, just be sure to place an extra effort to keep their good growth. Plants do have different kinds but they are all the same when it comes to their needs. Be aware on their different needs to have a good outcome.

With these tips I have given, you are now ready to have your own herbs in a container.