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How to Grow Great Herbs at Home

By February 4, 2017Herbs

There is not a doubt that herbs are very important to cook well at home. If you go to the grocery store, you see tons of herbs for sale in the produce department. Dried herbs are ok when you have to use them, but fresh herbs always add something special to your dishes. And of course, we do not always have the best access to all the herbs that we want at the grocery store, and they can be expensive. And who likes to have to run out to the grocery store to buy an herb at the last second? A great thing to do is to grow herbs in your garden or in a planter on your deck. They are usually easy to grow and you often can grow what you need inside in winter time.

Many herbs can grow inside and outside, so where you want them planted is up to you. Many people like to grow them right in the kitchen window so they are right where you need them when cooking. You also can buy your herbs as little plants from the nursery. Or to go really cheap, you can start from seeds. If you do choose to start with seeds, you can use almost any container as a place for your herbs. There are some stores that will sell containers that are made to grow herbs and also they will sell herb kits with the seeds and the soil. These can be really good because they are made to be like a tiny greenhouse and will really encourage the growth of your herbs. You do have to take care when you take the seedlings from the comfy environment of the greenhouse to the outdoors though.

You also can just buy herb seedlings at the store. You can grow them, transplant them into larger containers on your porch and they should do great. You also can put them into your garden if you like.

To make sure that your herbs will thrive, you need to be sure that your seedlings or your seeds are always moist. This is very important when you are growing them indoors. It is a good idea to add some good fertilizer to your herbs when you are watering them. Nutrients tend to leak out of your soil over time. Herbs need to have a lot of sun to thrive, so keep this in mind. The best place to have your herbs in the kitchen is on a window sill that gets a lot of light. The same thing will apply to the herbs in your garden. You can put them right next to your vegetables but you have to be sure that they get a lot of light. They also will need water and fertilizer. It is a good idea to use compost or manure to fertilize your herbs.

If you try these ideas with your herbs, we think that you will have a great deal of success growing herbs all year round. This can really help with cooking.

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