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How To Dry Herbs

By December 9, 2016Herbs

How to Dry Herbs and Retain Their Quality

Getting herbs from supermarket are not advised, since they have stored there for long time. It is advised to cultivate them in your garden and drying them personally. In this case, you will obtain the highest quality of herbs.

There are many methods of drying herbs. One of them is to dry them in air. This way is good since it preserves the necessary elements of the herbs, such as natural oils. It is valid for some herbs that are free of high moisture content, such as oregano, thyme, and bay.

Best Way to Air Dry Herbs

Herbs can be cut in the mid morning when the dew has dried. Leaves can be removed if shows insect damage or disease. It may be rinsed under cool water along with. Small bundles can be made of herbs, and tied with a rubber band. To do the final step, hanging the herb bundles in a warm place is favored.

Some people prefer to place the bundled herbs in a paper bag as this helps to protect them from dust and the bag also catches any leaves that might fall off when they dry. Brown paper lunch bags work great for drying small bundles of herbs and are readily available. Simply cut or punch several holes in the paper bag. Place the herbs upside down in the bag and tie closed. Hang as normal. Check on the herbs in a couple of weeks. Leaves will be crispy and crumple between the fingers when dry.

Way of Drying Herbs with a Dehydrator

Herbs that contain a lot of moisture, like basil, mint or Chives, are best dried by using a food dehydrator, or freezing. If you’re just learning how to dry herbs, you might want to look into getting a dehydrator. It’s a fast and easy way and retains quality because the temperature and air circulation can be controlled. After rinsing place the herbs in a single layer on the dehydrator trays. Drying times may vary due to moisture content, the thickness of the leaves and how much you trying to dry at one time. Herbs are dry when the leaves are crisp, and stems brittle.

Best Way to Store Dried Herbs

After you have dried your herbs, you will need to store them properly to make sure they retain their freshness. You can use small plastic bags with zip seal tops or store in small jars. It is best to keep dried herbs away from light and heat. Once you learn how to dry herbs, you’re just one step away from being the best culinary cook on the block.

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