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How Growing Herbs In Pots Is Simple

By December 15, 2016Herbs

Herbs can also be grown indoors in pots or containers. They can also be grown in window boxes or hanging baskets. Growing herbs in pots is not anymore difficult then growing herbs in an outdoor garden. Indoor herb gardens need the same growing requirements that garden herbs need.

There are three things that all plants need to grow and thrive. Those three things are sunlight, soil, and water. Having enough sun is the key to having healthy indoor plants. For your kitchen herb garden you will get the most sunlight through a south or west facing window. Some herbs require more sunlight than others, but mainly they all need a sunny location to grow well. If you do not seem to have enough sunlight for your herbs you may want to do what other growers do and use grow lights or even fluorescent bulbs to supplement your plants.

Herbs are not too picky about having rich soil or potting medium. The soil needs to drain freely, though, and additional gravel in the bottom of the pot or container helps to promote good drainage. A rule of thumb if purchasing soil is to combine two parts soil to one part perlite or sharp sand. Naturally you will want the soil to be sterilized to avoid bringing pests into your herb garden. Occasionally it is necessary to “sweeten” the soil for your herbs. You do this with horticultural lime at a rate of about one teaspoon for each five inch pot of soil.

The third thing to consider when growing herbs in pots is the water your herbs need. Increase humidity around the plants by misting the leaves and air. Place the pots in a shallow tray with pebbles and water for a more humid environment. Water evaporates faster from containers so you will water your indoor herb garden more often than an outside garden. If you have given the plants enough drainage you will be able to avoid getting the roots soggy and having them stand in water.

Growing herbs in pots gives you freedom of movement. You can place your herbs anywhere you choose and keep them in easy reach for use. Depending on whether or not your herbs are annual or perennial, you can keep them indoors all year round. If your herbs are of the annual variety they can spend the entire year indoors. You will have better luck if you put your perennial herbs out doors for the warmer months and bring them in before frost so the leaves do not drop.

Exceptions to this rule are mint, chives and tarragon. These plants produce fresh new growth on thicker stems if they are allowed to experience a freeze. Some herbs do better in pots than others although they all can be grown in pots. Growing mint in pots prevents it from taking over the entire garden.

Having an indoor herb garden keeps your herbs within arms reach when you want to use them. The tips in this article will help you have a successful indoor herb garden. Other things to consider are to occasionally use plant food, reseeding your annuals and putting perennials outdoors. Pruning plants makes the growth thicker and lusher. Use your herbs as much as you like and you will have healthy, handsome plants. Cook with them, decorate with them, dry them, or give them to family and friends.

Cleansing herbs are the roots, barks, mushrooms, seeds and berries of various plants that help to cleanse the blood and purify the body of internal toxicity accumulated from environmental pollutants as well as metabolic wastes produced from substances we ingest. We’ll share our list of favorites and how to use them.

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