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Herbs To Help Quit Smoking: You Can Do It!

By July 12, 2017Herbs

Congratulations! You’ve decided to quit smoking or are at least considering it. There are herbs to help quit smoking just as there are herbs for every other human need.

The problem is that most people have little or no knowledge of herbs. What a lot of people do not also know is that herbs have a very high safety rating than chemical medicines. One thing that is even better about herbs is that the cause of death rate is a record 0%.

Choosing herbs to aid you in quitting smoking helps you battle the most difficult part of the quitting process… the withdrawal effects.

YOUR MIND = YOUR MATTERS Quitting smoking really boils down to your mind. It is not impossible to achieve. All you need to do is make up your mind to do so.

Your will power will help you succeed in your determination to stop smoking. When you are able to summon this will power and you do not allow it to sway, you will achieve your aim.

What makes them so different from you?

Okay, these days there are likely far more addictive ingredients in cigarettes than there used to be. The harder it is for people to stop the smoking the more money they will spend trying to quit and that is a new money making industry in itself.

Well, granted cigarettes these days probably contain more addictive ingredients. However, this is just another ploy to make money. The harder it is for people quit smoking the more money they will spend trying to quit.

HERBS TO HELP YOU QUIT There are a few herbs that can help you quit smoking, as well as help you deter the withdrawal symptoms. Black Spruce Licorice Root Tea Wild Lettuce And Magnolia Bark Just to name a few.

All of these herbs are good used separately but better when used together in a combination. My mother decided to quit after 35 years and is using two main herbal products to aid her on her quest.

Black Spruce Licorice Root Tea Wild Lettuce And Magnolia Bark

You can make use of these herbs singly but you will get a better effect if you use them together. In deciding to quit smoking after doing so for a period of 35 years, my mother is combining two herbal products to help her achieve her aim. After using the combination of two herbs for a week, she stopped for a period of three months and then resumed thereafter.

Basically she had to get used to the idea of living without cigarettes. Or becoming an “Ex” as it is becoming famously called.

THE QUIT SMOKING ACTION PLAN THAT WORKS 1. Make the firm decision in your mind to stop smoking 2. Research your incentives to smoke so as to avoid them. 3. Wild lettuce, black spruce, and magnolia bark are herbs that you can make use in order to reduce craving and side effects. 4. Combining herbal drugs can prove very potent. Smoke Deter and CigaQuit are examples and can be found on http://www.quitsmoking.healthierlinks.com. 5. Start life and enjoy it as an “Ex”.