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Experiment in the kitchen with herbs and spices.

By December 30, 2016Herbs

Cooking is often like one big experiment, a recipe is the base for what you are making but by adding different ingredients, herbs, and spices you can create something which is new and unique.


Herbs and spices help to flavour food, without them many foods would be bland and people would avoid eating them. Food without flavour isn’t enjoyed and that’s why it is so important that each home has their own collection of herbs and spices to dip into when required. You can add herbs to anything you make whether you are adapting a ready meal or making something from scratch, herbs and spices are a valuable addition to any home.


If you are looking for unique herbs and spices you may find that they aren’t stocked in the supermarket because they aren’t ones which people use every day in their cooking. If you are looking for herbs or spices that aren’t available in the supermarket you will be able to find them online. There are many online suppliers of herbs and spices who offer a wide variety for you to choose from and with a speedy delivery your herbs and spices will be with you quite quickly. The herbs and spices will be available in different quantities allowing you to purchase the amount which suits your needs.


Dried herbs are beneficial to have as backup, fresh herbs give the very best flavour but if you are unable to purchase fresh herbs or run out part way through cooking you can add dried herbs to enhance the flavour.


Cooking is all about enhancing the flavour and adding different flavours to create one great flavour and the only way to enhance the flavours of the food is by adding seasoning, herbs, and spices. A very basic meal can become something exquisite when you add the right herbs or spices, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. When you are cooking it is very easy to be hesitant about putting a lot of herbs or spices in but if you’re only adding a little you won’t get the true flavouring because the other natural flavours will overpower what you are adding.


It is important that you take the time to play around with recipes and herbs and spices, the only way you can know if a combination is good is by tasting it, so each time you add a spice or herb taste it. When you taste your food you will know if you should add more or if you’ve add too much and need to add something else to counter balance it.


Experimentation is the key to discovering new recipes, all your favourite TV chefs will have spent hours and hours experimenting so that they can create their own unique dishes, or put a unique twist on a classic dish. It is important to be able to provide something new in a restaurant and so you will find that chefs are always experimenting with different flavours and ingredients so that they can come up with something new which will wow their customers.


If every restaurant was to serve the same meal in exactly the same way people would stop going out because there would be nothing new to try and no restaurant would stand out from the others. Using herbs and spices allow for different flavours so that you don’t need to taste the same thing every time you make a dish or go to a restaurant that sells the dish. Every lasagne has the same main components but each chef will add something a little different and give it their own twist so that it’s not the same as the last lasagne you ate.