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Endometriosis Herbs – The Latest In New Treatments For Endometriosis

By July 8, 2017Herbs

The symptoms of endometriosis can be treated using endometriosis herbs. Endometriosis symptoms can be very painful and include intestinal gas, severe stomach cramps, heavy menstrual bleeding and in some cases insomnia.

Additionally, the endometrial tissue can cause inflammation of the bowel and infertility as well. One of the factors associated with endometriosis include high levels of estrogen that are found in women aged between 25 and 40, making them the major sufferers.

Endometriosis can be made worse by anything that may irritate your uterus. This includes a pelvic infection, fibroids, constipation, inserting a tampon or IUD and cancer. Some foods also make it worse such as fried foods, alcohol and caffeinated drinks. Herbs can be used to treat many cases of endometriosis.

To balance the hormone level in your body, you will need vitex berries and castleberry herbs. Another much needed herb is wild yam which helps in reducing bleeding, muscle cramping, pain and inflammation.

Adding ginger to your endometriosis herbs will help stop menstrual pain and cramps. Red horsetail also reduces heavy menstrual bleeding which is great for curbing anemia. At the same time, red horsetail is believed to keep scar tissue flexible which then reduces further scarring.

Milk thistle seeds also helps clean out the liver. The detoxification of the liver further enables it to break down excess estrogen. Other herbs that are great for liver detoxification include rosemary leaves, dandelion leaves and roots and vervian herb.

Endometriosis herbs should also include uterine tonics which are used to strengthen the reproductive system in its functions as well as organ tissues. These include blue and black cahosh, false unicorn root, castleberry, raspberry, life root, square vine and motherwort.

Emmenagogues which are great for the stimulation and promotion of normal periods are also a must have in your list of herbs to help heal your endometriosis. They include parsley, blue cahosh, squaw vine, pennyroyal, southernwood, rue, false unicorn root, yarrow, motherwort and life root.

Nervines and anti-inflammatories are great to include in your herbs to treat endometriosis. Pain tends to impede healing and should therefore be treated. One of the best is chamomile flower. Muscle relaxing herbs such as cramp bark, valerian root and hops flower should also be included. Ginger root and pasque flower herb are also great endometriosis herbs.

Regular fasts should also be alternated with rebuilding diets that should contain seaweed, kelp, sprouted seeds and other foods that are easy to digest. This will speed up recovery. Castor oil packs placed on the areas that have the greatest pain will help ease it as well.

The use of herbs to treat endometriosis requires patience as it can take many months to get the relief that you’re looking for. It is important that you work with a health care specialist who has experience in natural holistic cures.

You will also likely need to have a full health program in place that will include changes in diet, massage and even acupuncture if necessary. This will help you speed up your recovery from endometriosis as fast as possible.