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Description of Some Healing Herbs

By January 22, 2017Herbs

Healing herbs are used for a multitude of reasons, but the most common is to boost the immune system and to cure illness. People who are firm believers in the healing power of herbs take them every day. The herbs become an essential part of their daily routine and diet. It is not recommended however that you begin taking herbs before consulting a medical professional to ensure that they are suitable. For example there are some herbs that should not be taken during pregnancy.

There are a number of herbs that may be used for healing purposes. Below is a brief list of some herbs that are used for healing.

* Alfalfa – this is herb is used as a blood cleanser. It is said to stimulate appetite and can be used as a laxative or diuretic.

* Aloe – this has many uses. One of the best known uses of aloe is for treating sunburns or basically any type of burn. As a cream is can soften and soothe the skin.

* Black Walnut – this is used to rid the body of parasites, mainly in the lungs.

* Blue Green Algae – this herb is also used a blood cleanser and is used to curb appetite. In addition to this it has been known to boost the immune system and to control such diseases as diabetes and Alzeihimers.

* Burdock – used to treat kidney and urinary tract infections. It helps cure skin ulcers and blood disorders.

* Catnip – this herb has been used to treat indigestion, gas, tension, insomnia and colds. For babies this has been known to help with colic and gas.

* Cat’s Claw – this herb is used a blood cleanser and is used by some to treat arthritis.
There are certain disciplines of the medical field that use only herbs when healing their patients. Below is a list of some areas in which people use herbs.

* Aromatherapy – in the area the oils from various herbs that are known to appeal to the sense of smell are used to calm and relax the person smelling them. There are some oils that used to promote health and well being.

* Herbology – this form of therapy involves the use of plants, plant extractions, and flower to heal the body. These flowers are used to promote better health and overall well being.

If you are looking for more information about the different types of herbs that can be used for healing there is a group of people that have created a society dedicated to educating people about herbs that are used for healing purposes. This community of people is focused on the healing properties of herbs and it also centers on the total well-being of the each individual person. This site offers you information about the different herbs that can be taken to help with different medical problems. This site does instruct the people that join that they must use the information provided with caution and it is also a good idea that they consult a medical professional before beginning a routine of taking herbs for medicinal purposes.