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Cooking with Anti Aging Herbs

By July 9, 2017Herbs

Anti aging herbs can have a big effect on slowing down the aging process. Instead of costly chemicals, you may want to look into these readily available natural alternatives. In addition to slowing the effects of aging, anti aging herbs have a generally good effect on your overall health.

Many people experience short term memory loss as they age. Gingko biloba is an anti aging herb that has been shown to have positive effects in combating this symptom of aging. It works by increasing blood circulation to the brain and in general. So in addition to helping with short term memory loss, it is good for circulation throughout the body. Of course, this will have a positive effect on physical appearance.

Anything that provides antioxidants provides help to fight the effects of aging. One antioxidant herb that you will want to check out is bilberry. It is an anti aging herb that works by slowing down the effects of free radicals that cause deterioration of the body during the process of aging. Bilberry can slow this natural, but unwanted, process.

Estrogen replacement therapy is costly and dangerous. Red clover is an anti aging herb that mimics estrogen in the body and is a safe, effective, natural alternative. Loss of estrogen can cause the appearance of aging along with other uncomfortable and unwanted symptoms. By using red clover, these symptoms can be slowed or stopped.

Herbs are interesting and complex. It is important that you know what you are doing when you use herbs to combat symptoms of aging. Be sure to research any anti aging herbs you plan to use before taking it, and then proceed carefully. This is also true of adding vitamins and minerals to your anti aging regimen. Use only the recommended amount. Increasing the amount you take will not necessarily increase its effectiveness and may have negative side effects.

When adding anti aging herbs to your daily routine, do so with care. Add one at a time in small amounts to begin with and wait patiently for the effect. If you are making general lifestyle changes to improve your health, understand that your body is going through an adjustment period and my show other effects as well as responses to the herbs you are adding. If you are consistent in making gradual, positive changes to your lifestyle, you will find that the aging process will slow down, and you will regain some of your youthful vigor and appearance.

The use of anti aging herbs does more than just slow down the aging process. Herbs are generally healthy and good for you when used carefully. It is a good idea to talk with your doctor when adding herbs to your health practices. Be good to yourself by eating well, exercising moderately, and getting plenty of rest. These simple practices will go far toward helping you to look and feel great.

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