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Chinese Herbs: A Different Approach to Hair Loss Treatment

By July 14, 2017Herbs

There is no doubt about no one wants to lose their hair. If you have invested any amount of time into finding remedies for hair loss you probably heard about Chinese herbs. There was a Television program in the UK that suggested that these herbs could cure alopecia. While I’d caution against such a strong stance, there may be some validity to the claim. Additionally, you can readily access these herbs in various products and preparations.

Chinese herbs try to restore the right pattern of energies in the body. These herbs are believed to greatly stimulate the hair follicles that result in the growth of hair. Another condition is inflammatory response of the body against acidity due to bad diet, pollution and other toxins and also some kind of infections that have negative effects on the growth of hair. Most of the people suffering from alopecia areata have both the above symptoms.

So, it becomes quite necessary to counter these two evils of acidity and inflammation in order to restore the yin energy that helps in cooling the body and stimulating the hair growth. He Shou Wu, polygonum herb also known as Fo-ti, can effectively treat alopecia aerata. In China this herb is being used for centuries as a treatment for early age loss of hair, graying of hair and also as a tonic for longer life. It has been found that this herb can give a new life to the hair follicles and can act as a great tonic for body & brain together. But it is advisable to wait for 3-6 months before its effects start showing for itself.

According to some research conducted in China, the two herbs, eclipta & lingustrum, can counter the effects of alopecia aearata by restoring the yin energy of the kidney and liver.

Another herb that works very well if utilized together with the above listed herbs is Chinese wolfberries. It stimulates the circulation of blood into the hair follicles and thus helps in hair growth and is also used as a tonic for the whole body.

There are other herbs too that can be consumed in combination to inhibit the causes of alopecia that are acidity & inflammation. The herbs are honeysuckle, mint and dandelion. There are other supplements too that can prove beneficial for hair growth if consumed with the Chinese herbs, like nettle tea, black sesame seeds, vitamin C, black beans and flaxseed oil, which act against the toxicity and inflammation.

These herbs can prove helpful if you find the right ones. Some people get frustrated and just give up too soon. If you start using these products you can not expect your hair to go from bald to full over night. It will be a process. First you should find less shedding. Next you should see a stabilization period where there is no additional hair loss. Finally, you should start seeing signs of new hair growth so be patient.

Many people rely on Chinese herbs when dealing with the problem of hair loss, as it is a completely and natural way of getting a remedy against the hair loss. However, like anything else, they will not work for everyone so a little experimentation is required. Products like Rogaine, Hair Genesis and Procerin have some good research to support their use. However, there are more things you should know before you try these products as well. To find out more simply download the free report below.

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