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By February 25, 2017Herb Vaporizer

Nirvana “Head Shop” On Capel Street – Dublin
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Friday, 12 February 2010

A fire has broken out at a premises on Capel Street in Dublin city centre and the entire street is closed as a result.

The fire at the Nirvana Head Shop broke out this morning.

Several units of Dublin Fire Brigade and members of An Garda Siochána are at the scene.

Rumour has it that the fire was started by local drugs dealers.

Sadly I did not have my camera with me this morning so I could not photograph the actual fire but Andy Sheridan has published some excellent photos to Flickr.

A head shop is a retail outlet specializing in drug paraphernalia related to consumption of cannabis, other recreational drugs, and New Age herbs, as well as counterculture art, magazines, music, clothing, and home decor. Products typically include bongs (called water pipes in countries with drug paraphernalia laws), roach clips, glass pipes, pipe screens, vaporizers, rolling papers, rolling machines, scales or balances, whipped-cream chargers (which contain nitrous oxide), dildos, vibrators, other items meant to enhance sexual intercourse, blacklight-responsive posters, incense, cigarette lighters, and products claimed to give false negative results for drugs on urinalysis tests.