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Hemp vs. Cannabis, what is the real difference? – Precursor Acids – THCA / THC, CBDA / CBD

By September 28, 2016Hemp Oil Thc

In 2011 Cannabis Genetics was mapped! The findings reveal the bio-synthetic pathways of this Cannabis Genome, and Hemp Genome.


Bio-synthetic Pathways: “The chemical procedures occurring within an income mobile or perhaps organism which are necessary for the upkeep of lives” (The Free Dictionary)

The bio-synthetic path of Cannabis ends with THCA and CBDA, OR : CBDA!

The bio-synthetic path of Hemp stops and SOLE : CBDA!

There’s no THC in Cannabis, just the acidic precursor : THCA (and/or CBDA).

There’s absolutely no THC in Hemp, only the acid predecessor : CBDA!

Therefore Hemp is not a “low-THC” relative, as “0.3%”..!

Hemp are genetically without THC!

(we’ll clarify further in to Hemp Seed oils, Hemp oils, and Cannabis oils – After that)
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