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Wart Removal Home Remedies – Four Removal Methods That Works

By June 6, 2017Hash Oils
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If you have warts and you are interested in having them removed, chances are you’ve considered trying some well-known wart removal home remedies. Warts are a skin condition that is caused by viruses of the HPV family. Although generally harmless, people still want them removed because they can be painful and are almost always unattractive.

Majority of the OCT warts removal products today contains a lot of harsh chemicals designed to burn and freeze the warts. These prescription pharmaceuticals not only are too hash for your skin, but they are very expensive too. For effective and inexpensive treatment, here are 4 warts removal home remedies that you could try.

Taping banana peels with piece of duct tape on the growth area is one of the methods that are quite popular these days. It is believed that potassium a compound found in bananas can help kill the HPV virus known to cause warts. The effectiveness of this method is still without controversy as some people question the use of duct tape, even though others believed that it had worked for them. In any case, the number of people who have claimed success with this method of treatment outweighs those who question its effectiveness.

Another wart removal home remedy often used is cider vinegar. The vinegar is applied to the area with a cotton ball and held in place with a band-aid or medical tape. The area should then be washed daily and a new application of vinegar applied. If the surrounding skin gets too dry Vaseline or lotion can be used. Cider vinegar for wart removal is quite popular topic that has been discussed a lot on message boards and forums with a lot of positive feedback.

Garlic is often used in a similar manner by crushing and applying it, holding it in place with a bandage. This should be applied at night for several days until you see the wart begin to change. Natural oils such as tea tree oil, castor oil, and lemon oil are used in a similar fashion as remedy. Garlic and tea tree oil are natural disinfectants and both vinegar and lemon oil are rather acidic so there’s merit in any of these methods.

Men have always been faced with conditions that they are not familiar with since the beginning of time; however, they have looked always for natural ways to remedy most situations. Truly, skin disorder has been part of this new age disorders that men face; on that light, using wart removal home remedies has become part of the regular treatments. For the next time you have similar ailment to worry about, remember there are cheap and natural home solutions for most HPV virus treatments that people are relying on.

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