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Turn hash or full melt into wax-oil(pt1)

By September 9, 2017Hash Oils

One of the first ways to make a concentrate but never befor on YouTube you could use keif, full melt, dry ice hash, almost any type of hash I used 91% iso but that’s all I could get but i would use something stronger but you wana get a 6:10 ratio of hash/iso and make sur you hash is not that rocky its like powdery and if you have really stick hash just add a LITTLE bit of heat while mixing or just let it sit. but one its all emulsified strain it though a coffee filter unbleached and boil off the alcohol if you have 99% iso add a few drops of water so you don’t burn it once done enjoy please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE and tell me what you think if you have any questions or disagreements leave a comment

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