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By July 17, 2017Glass Weed Pipes

Today we count down Tokevision’s top 5 big bong hits!


5. 1k Subscribers Celebration: Dakota Paige
– Dakota Paige celebrates 1000 subscribers with some pretty decent rips.
4. 8 Hits in a Row: Magnetoid Rowdy
– Magnetoid Rowdy with a display of determination hits 8 pipes in a row. 7 through bongs and 1 through the pipe.
3. Deaf Stoner Rips 2 Grams: Kyung Lee
– Deaf stoner, Kyung Lee shows off his weed smoking skills with a huge 2 gram hit from a sizable glass bong.
2. 5 Bong Rips in One Breath: CustomGrow420
– CG420 hits 5 bongs in a row, in one breath.
1. Grandpa Shows Us How It’s Done: kryptkeeper1420’s channel
– Iron lungs rips a massive bowl of chronic. Ghosts a big hit of yellow smoke.

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