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Fake cigarettes giving a hard time to the real thing!

fake cigarettes that smoke

Fake cigarettes would easily be assumed to be something that is a fake replica of the real tobacco cigarettes. The fake cigarettes can be the plastic replica sold in many pharmacies which can be used by a smoker to have something to hold. On its introduction, the product did not garner much attention but today it is one of the most sought after product. Some of the fake cigarettes come scented.

Fake cigarettes thus are helpful to smokers in battling the urge to hold a cigarette and hence beat the psychological wall. A smoker is used to holding a cigarette and you would often see smokers who are trying to quit, getting restless and time and again positioning their hands as if they are holding a cigarette. This state of mind is one of the withdrawal symptoms of quitting smoking or the ones which are faced while somebody is in the process of quitting and withdrawal symptoms are indeed the worst.

Fake cigarette help you keep your hands busy and occupied so that you won’t succumb to the urge to hold a cigarette and end up buying one. However, these devices have no nicotine. Although the psychological barrier has been crossed but a smoker who has been smoking cigarettes for years is now used to in taking a certain amount of nicotine which is why nicotine gums and patches are used as smoking cessation aids. But, here too, the gums and patches may fulfill the physical need but the mind of the smokers remains restless for he misses the feel of a cigarette.

The sensation and the feel of the tobacco cigarette, both of them together are hard to be offered in a safe way but there is a device for people who don’t want to quit the habit but better it. The Electronic Cigarette is what is being referred to here, e cigarettes are not a smoking cessation aid as many times people mistake them to be, they are not FDA approved or Regulated, not yet, FDA e cigarette regulation is yet to come, so the jury is still out on that but they have far less number of toxins (theoretically) no tobacco, no combustion of tobacco hence no tobacco smoke, no tar, no case of causality so far.

The e cigarettes have an e liquid which contains nicotine, PG or VG as diluents and flavoring substance. E cigarette is not standing up against devices like nicotine gums, patches, fake cigarettes but it is certainly stranding up and tall against the tobacco cigarettes, the real thing which has real tobacco, real tar, real chemicals, real cases where people have died, are dying and are potential victims too.

E cigarettes don’t have tobacco, so instead of the tobacco smoke, a vapor is emitted which is formed by heating up of e liquid which is why these are also called Vapor Cigarettes. E cigarettes are also meant to look like the real thing but are actually nothing like it, although they cannot be termed as fake cigarettes but they still are considered to be like that by many vapes because these are so unlike but yet to so similar to tobacco cigarettes.
For a person who is looking for a better alternate which could help him to better the smoking routine and improve it, e cigarette can feel, look and seem like the real thing but work in an enhanced manner.