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VaporFi Pro Evod Ecigarette Review

By June 20, 2017Evod E Cigarette

My honest review of the VaporFi Pro Evod. Just the facts without any BS.
Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another e-cigarette-review.net video. In this video I’d like to show you the VaporZone Pro. VaporZone has actually recently been rebranded to VaporFi. This is basically the second-generation Evod, basically the first generation didn’t have a pass-through capability, it didn’t have this USB connection at the bottom. This is a standard mini USB connection so you can use this as it’s recharging. As you can see it produces some decent amount of vapor, the vapor is cool and the drag is light .
Now this is a 650 mAh battery (650 milliAmpere hours) and it’s worth mentioning that it’s regulated at 3.7 volts which means that it will always produce a constant 3.7 voltage, as opposed to an unregulated battery where the voltage is highest when it’s fully charged and then gradually drops throughout the day as you’re using it. So by the end of the day you’re producing less vapor than what you started with. Now this electronic cigarette has a nice non-slip coating, it’s nice to the touch, I’ve actually dropped it a few times as well and it’s still in good shape. I mean no actual damage and no problems with it after falling down.
It uses a normal ego-type connector for the cartridges, this is with a cartridge looks like. I can open it up and show you how it is, what’s it like inside. You’ve got to be careful not to turn it over so as not to spill any e-liquid. That’s the atomizer, now one trick or tip that I have to mention is when you first get these cartridges, the atomizer inside has a little grommet which is facing downwards, and myself and other vapers in online forums have noticed that simply by switching this grommet from pointing down to pointing up, so just take it off turni t upside down and put it back on again you, can actually avoid electronic cigarette gurgling that’s when some of that you liquid seeps through into the little chimney in here and it will actually avoid leakage as well. So as stupid as it is, all you have to do is take this little silicone or rubber grommet off, turned upside down and put it back on as such. So this is the atomizer portion that goes on top of the cartridge bottom there. So I’ll put this back on, take of the charger close it up, and take couple of puffs. Now when you see the electronic cigarette blink it has a 10 second cut off which means you can’t vape continuously for longer than 10 seconds, that is to protect the atomizer so that the atomizer doesn’t burn out. We’ve got a little window on the side so you can tell much liquid you have left.
Overall this is a pretty solid electronic cigarette I definitely recommend it for beginner and intermediate vapers. It’s pretty easy to use, it’s actually cheaper than some of the other electronic cigarettes that you find. So you can pick this up for at vapor fine and if I’m not mistaken if you join their mailing list you can actually get a off coupon so keep that in mind, you can actually pick this up for . So yeah great device definitely worth it for the price. Anyway thanks for watching and I’ll catch you guys in the next video, take care.

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