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Electronic cigarettes – the latest gadgets in the smoking world

By December 12, 2016Evod E Cigarette

We all know that cigarette smoking is injurious to health. Yet, there are many who are not able to stop their habit. This confirms the fact that such people are ready to face any types of consequences related to smoking of cigars. In fact cigar smoking leads them to a world filled with happiness and enjoyment. There are many who enjoy making curls with the puffs. Pleasure from smoking is forcing people to look for various other ways of cigar smoking. You may have heard of cigarettes of different brands and different styles, but have you heard about e-cigarettes?

E-cigarettes are the newly introduced cigarette models, which allow you to make puffs without disturbing others. Some of the latest e-cigarette models have been introduced by Innokin Lily and Kamry. Earlier e-cigarettes were introduced as a way to help smokers from quitting the habit. But with the wide acceptance of the product, many large cigarette manufactures started making many varieties of e-cigarettes. Now, you can buy e-cigarettes of many renowned brands from the market. Some of the widely sold e-cigarettes are Innokin Lily electric cigarette, Kamry ePipe K1000 and Eleaf iPipe.

Electronic cigarettes are battery powered devices that looks similar to normal cigarettes. One who is use normal cigarette experiences the same smoking pleasure while using electronic cigarettes. A cartridge attached to the device will be filled with a liquid that contains nicotine, smoking flavours and other chemicals. When the battery is powered the heat from the battery coverts the liquid into vapour. A person who uses the e-cigarette inhales this vapour and gets satisfaction. Some call e-cigarettes as ‘vaping’ devices as people inhale the vapours of nicotine, unlike gasping the other end of the tobacco.

Many people have the feeling that e-cigarette is less causing less harm when compared with normal cigarettes. The reason behind this is simple. While burning normal cigarettes the tar and carbon monoxide coming out of it is directly inhaled by a person and this reaches the lungs within no time. As lungs of human beings is almost like a sponge, it will absorb all types of gases and tars, this later pave way for many deadly diseases. Though this is the explanation given for using more e-cigarettes than normal cigarettes, but can we swallow this clarification as such? Did anyone check the percentage of nicotine present in the cartridge of e-cigarette?

Now, lets us check some of the benefits of using e-cigarettes. While using normal cigarettes you have to carry lighter or match box wherever you go. Many people didn’t like to carry all such lighting equipments with them. Use of e-cigarettes helps them in moving in a hands free-mode, it they want. By charging the cigarette battery on a routine basis, they can take those light weight devices wherever they want. Then, e-cigarettes are available in different flavours. Some of the cigarette manufactures sell e-cigarettes as a complete kit. Many essential tools that can enhance the smoking experience will be present in it. Those who love smoking can try using e-cigarettes for better smoking experience.