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Chrysler 300M Stereo Fitting Kits You Need

By February 26, 2017Evic

In this article we will see how this car was manufactured, its features and about the radio dash kit in it. Chrysler automobiles were launched in 1925. It has headquarters in Michigan, Sather manufacturer of Chrysler 300 M cars is Chrysler Corporation in 1995. This model replaced the Eagle Vision. This was a car of luxury and exteriors and interiors were similar to Concorde. Its actual production and sales happened between the years 1999 and 2004. It followed FF type layout and LH platform. Its engine is V6 type of 3.5 liters. It is closely related to LH and concorde models. It is 5 meter high and 1.9 meters in width. It has 2.87 m of wheel base. The transmissions are automatic and four speed. This 300M was a part of platinum series.

Now let’s look into the changes made each and every year by Chrysler. Head lamps that were automatic were added in the year 1999 and in the year 2000, to prevent movement from park interlock was included. This ensured that only when brakes are applied it can be shifted. As luxury that was optional airbags were introduced. The driver’s mirror even had automatic dimming facility. Taillights that were jeweled and EVIC were also made optional. To supplement antilock brakes even brakes having electronic control were added. Many new colors were introduced in the year 2003. To the stereo new changer controls were included.

The year 2004 saw optional satellite radio and stereo with optional GPS navigation. It had assembling plants in Ontorio, Canada and Brampton. The overhangs were cut in front and back thus its length got reduced from previous Eagle Vision. For the years1999 and 2000 this car featured in best luxury car magazine’s list and in the list of magazine for motor trend in the year 1999.The platinum series was there in metal finishes like black crystal, silver metal and graphite metal. Few of other special features include wheels that were made of an alloy of platinum and chromium and seats that were made of leather. The successor of this model was Chrysler 300. The radio system had one year subscription from Sirius. The radio dash kit comprises of panel of neon fascia type, removal keys and adaptors (both harness and aerial).

It is highly suited for the radio dash kit comprises of panel of fascia type, removal keys and adaptors (both harness and aerial). It is highly suited for all models between 1995 and 2006. These adaptors help in the conversion to din sized unit. The plate color comes in black. We should learn about the functions of components of kit. To remove ISO radios we use removal keys. Codes to radio are needed especially for Chrysler 300M which can be searched and purchased online like powernetshop.at. These adaptors help in the conversion to din sized unit. The plate color comes in black. Let’s learn the functions of components of kit. Wiring harness enables installation of stereo without cutting wires. Aerial adaptor is needed to change to a head unit replacing factory head unit. To remove ISO radios we use removal keys. Codes to radio are needed especially for Fiat which can be searched and purchased online at powernetshop.at. Its price is 18, 99 euro.

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