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A Billion Dollar Question! Is Electronic Vaping Safer over Traditional Smoking?

By February 22, 2017Electronic Vaping Device
electronic vaping device

Gone are the days when a woman used to specify she needed a man with clean habits to be a perfect life partner. Today’s girls know that smoking and social drinking have become close to good habits and they do not have any problem with her man indulging in these for occasional fun. But, the situation is worse for chain smokers who have developed clear indication of their addiction in the form of bad breath, stained teeth, smelly clothes, yellow finger tips and brown lips. Despite gobbling loads of peppermint or using mouth freshener sprays, one finds it hard to get rid of the silly smell that traditional cigarettes leave behind, even the costliest brand. As an alternative, emerged the e-cigarette where in one can enjoy the bliss of a nicotine drenched cigarette smoke but will not have any of the above mentioned disadvantages. So, does that mean that this electronic vaping device is safe over traditional cigarettes? Well, when one checks out their features, it gives a strong feel YES. Here are the reasons why vaping is better and safer choice than smoking:

Starter kits

If one is wishing to switch to an electronic cigarette, there are EGO mini starter kits available in online market from reputed dealers. One has to choose the flavour of their favourite e-liquid and then buy these starter kits that come with battery, and a complete set. All one has to do is to follow the instructions, build their electronic vaping device and start experiencing the best smoke of their life.


Unlike the traditional cigarettes, these electronic vaping devices do not leave any residue behind. Also they are clean and environment friendly. These devices in the form of Hookah pens are disposable and for single use only.


The electronic device is available in multiple flavours that are astounding. Some exclusive and never heard before flavours are apple, banana, candy floss, bubblegum, cherry, blue berry etc. These e-liquid juice bottles are available in different strengths and sizes which can be used to refill the e-cigarette assembly.

Quit kits

Smoking is injurious to health especially the lungs. Cigarettes are toxic while e-cigs are not. Vaping devices contain no chemicals and it helps to reduce the urge for smoking. One can slowly reduce the strength of nicotine in the process and quit the habit of smoking without much heavier withdrawal symptoms. Slowly, one can try to smoke nicotine free e-liquid vaping just for the sake of good old times. There are dedicated Quit kits available in market for this purpose.

These are some benefits of using electronic cigarettes over a traditional smoking habit. The electronic shisha sticks pens are easy to use, maintain, clean and refill. Also they are environment friendly as there is no waste left behind as residue.