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Wholesale Electronic Cigarettes – E Cigarettes Can Be The Next Big Thing

By October 12, 2016Electronic Cigarettes

Bulk purchases always come cheap. We make the choice to purchase in bulk or wholesale in circumstances where we intend to resell the product or if we know that we intend to make use of the product for a longer period of time. Wholesale purchases can and will always save us a lot of money. This is generally recommended for products that do not spoil or expire and for products whose price and/or demand is expected to grow in the future. This is the reason why the wholesale purchase of electronic cigarette kits and cartridges is not a bad idea at all.

Cartridge Shelf Life

If you are among those who have developed an intense liking to smoking electronic cigarettes, then purchasing cartridge refills in bulk should be a good idea. Propylene Glycol, the main ingredient in the nicotine solution formulation found in cartridges, prevents bacteria growth and is thus considered a preservative.

However, exposure to temperature changes and various factors such as shaking or pressure as well as the introduction of varying formulations to different flavors may affect the nicotine solution. Electronic cigarette manufacturers estimate your average cartridge to last a good 24 months for as long as packages remain unopened and are properly stored in cool room temperatures.

Durable Electronic Cigarettes for Retail or Future Use

Frequent use of electronic cigarettes will of course result to the regular damage brought about by wear and tear. You might be among those who will need to replace your electronic cigarette every five months or so or if you are the reckless type who uses the cheaper low quality varieties, you might end up having your electronic cigarette replaces every month or two. If this is the case then you might want to stock up on your supply and purchase wholesale electronic cigarettes.

Another good reason to purchase in bulk or engage in wholesale electronic cigarette purchases would be if you intend to give them as gifts for Christmas or tokens and giveaways in a corporate event or if you intend to resell them.

Good Business Opportunities in Electronic Cigarettes

Because it is an emerging trend, the purchase of electronic cigarettes continues to be on the rise. As a matter of fact, it has yet to plateau or reach a constant level. This is the reason why, reselling or franchising electronic cigarette brands remain a very lucrative opportunity for many enterprising individuals. Moreover, the awareness level among cigarette users on the use and advantages of electronic cigarettes–ranging from its health benefits down to its environmental and social advantages–also increase on a daily basis, resulting to a regular increase in sales.

If your are among those who intend to get into the business of retail selling of electronic cigarettes, its various components and accessories, you might want to get in touch directly with manufacturers to inquire not just about wholesale contract purchases but also about the possibility of acquiring a franchise. Remember that these electronic cigarettes and the accessories that come along with it do not expire and can be stored for a long period of time. This can prove to be an advantage for those considering this business opportunity.