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What you Need to Know about the Innovative Electronic Cigarettes from Vapur

By December 18, 2016Electronic Cigarettes
Electronic Cigarettes

A ground breaking device, the Vapur Personal Vaporizer, also known as an electronic cigarette, provides a clean and healthy substitute to tobacco smoking. It has, in a big way, changed the way society looks at smoking, especially in public. These electronic cigarettes are a game changer in about everything they do. Put to use, these cigarettes will demonstrate safety by converting a flavored liquid which may contain nicotine into a smoke-like vapor. It is then inhaled safely and with ease through the cigarette. In this case, the vapor, contrary to tobacco smoke, has been rid of tar or any known carcinogens. This way, an individual need not be concerned with risks associated with tobacco and passive smoke.

Electronic cigarettes that provide inhaled doses of a flavored liquid are battery powered and have no nicotine. Vapur, an electronic cigarettes company, focuses on alternative tobacco products. The electronic cigarette for instance, is comprised of three parts namely, the atomizer, battery and the cartridge. It is an automatic cigarette where by upon inhaling, the flow of air is detected by an atomizer which then activates the heat element that vaporizes the solution stored in the cartridge. Passive smoke is not released into the environment

Being from the best electronic cigarette company, Vapur is vended in electronic starter kits in two varieties of black and silver finish with two rechargeable batteries. Also in the kit is the charger cord and five tobacco flavored cartridges. Offered in the market are a number of flavors that may or may not contain tobacco. Those that contain nicotine have varying strengths ranging from “none” to “high”. The highest contains 16 milligrams of nicotine in a milliliter of the solution. Replacement electronic cigarette cartridges are available in packs of five and atomizers in blue or red led light. Batteries are retailed separately. A cartridge is equivalent to up to 20 cigarettes. The electronic cigarette kit neither has the unpleasant odor of traditional cigarettes nor does it carry the risk of fire.

Electronic cigarettes are without lingering cigarettes breathe. They are rightly social cigarettes. Users can pull them out and smoke in the same room as non-smoking colleagues. Users are free to interact in public places like, coffee shops, bars, bus stations, restaurants and airports. With the electronic cigarette, your home or car will not reek of a used ashtray. In the absence of offensive odors generally associated with cigarette smoke, the embarrassment commonly experienced when sharing a hall or a facility with non-smokers becomes a thing of the past. The electric cigarette contains a vaporizing solution with nicotine in it. It gives the feeling of smoking tobacco cigarettes even though it is not itself a cigarette. These devices are independently tested.

Even though the price of one electric cigarette cartridge is similar to that of a pack of tobacco cigarettes at $ 3 and $ 5 respectively, the best electronic cigarette seeks to boost a smoker’s experience. While saving you money, it can be smoked in non- smoking zones.

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