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Regulating Nicotine Usage through Electronic Cigarettes and Pens

By August 4, 2017Electronic Cigarettes
Electronic Cigarettes

The rechargeable electronic hookah pen is very similar to an electronic cigarette. Although the toxic levels of chemicals used in both the electronic hookah and the e-cigarette are much lower than their conventional models the long term effects of both are yet to be fully studied and documented. The manufacturers of these electronic models claim that they are less harmful as there is no smoke emission and hence reduce secondary smoking. Furthermore, the nicotine levels of these gadgets can be regulated by the user to as low as zero. Thus the manufacturers claim that the smoker can still savor the thrill of smoking without the side effects of harmful chemicals. The instances of secondary smoking and its associated risks are also negated when using the electronic versions.

Fruity Flavored Cigarette Liquids

Non nicotine electronic cigarettes are used extensively by those smokers who wish to quit the addictive habit while still savoring the thrill of a smoke. With the large variety of flavors available for cigarette liquids ranging from tobacco to fruity and their combinations, e-cigarette users can easily substitute non nicotine fruity flavors for the more harmful tobacco flavors. With a gradual tapering and then a complete stopping of nicotine to the body, the smoker is able to effectively quit smoking. The vapors generated by the atomizers in e-cigarettes and hookahs contain polyethylene an ingredient commonly used in many consumer products. Polyether glycol is approved by the FDA and has minimal side effects when compared to the ingredients used in conventional cigarettes.

A Highly Potent Herbal Formulation

Herbal incense e-liquids cannot be used in e-cigarettes as they are highly inflammable. Using these herbal formulations in electronic cigarettes is inviting trouble as there is a strong possibility that the gadget will burst into flames causing burn injuries to both the user and those nearby. These formulations are only recommended to be used in very miniscule levels by users who wish to savor the intoxicating smells and can be used in certain portable e-hookahs where recommended by the manufacturer. These herbal formulations claim to be very potent with its users recommending minimum dosages for maximum results. In other words, with its high potency levels and chances of over dosage less is always more when using an herbal e-liquid.

Herbal E-Liquids and E-Hookahs

The rechargeable electronic hookah pen is the only recommended gadget for using the herbal formulation. These highly inflammable and potent formulations are potential health hazards with their flammable nature though their formulations being herbal will not cause much damage from toxicity. This is perhaps the primary reason for its extensive use by persons who are even ready to use this liquid as a drop on any surface for inhalation. The addictive nature and high caused by this formulation can even result in overdose and related problems. However, if used as per manufacturer recommendations this herbal preparation claims to be very safe and effective for its users. They claim to be an effective substitute for the more harmful conventional cigarette and hookah.

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