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Ironing the Rumors on Electronic Cigarettes

By November 27, 2016Electronic Cigarettes
Electronic Cigarettes

When the electronic cigarette first came out in 2007, it was received with much excitement as it gives smokers a great alternative to smoking and was said to be environmentally friendly as well. A lot of rumors surround the electronic cigarette, and most of these rumors are actually unfounded and false. This is nothing new and shocking, since every new product that is to come out in the market and have as much popularity as this one will surely get its own share of critics. So, how true are these rumors about the humble electronic cigarette? Let’s find out.

Rumor #1: It is not safe

A lot of people have stated that the electronic cigarette is not as safe as manufacturers make it out to be. They have also stated that manufacturers do not list down the exact ingredients their e-cigarettes are made of. However, in the case of Volcano Electronic Cigarettes, they are very transparent in what their product is made of. You get a mixture of vaporized nicotine, propylene glycol (USP grade), glycerine (USP grade), and artificial/natural flavoring. Propylene glycol is used in cake, gelatin, and even as a fermentation agent in beers and wine. According to the FDA, propylene glycol has been categorized under the GRAS category, or the Generally Regarded as Safe category.

Rumor #2: It increases nicotine addiction

This is one of those rumors which I find skewed. When smoking a regular cigarette, you have no idea how much nicotine you are inhaling into your system. On the other hand, electronic cigarettes allow you to choose and control the amount of nicotine you inhale. With Volcano Electronic Cigarettes, you can choose whether you go for Full, Lights or Zero. Full flavored e-cigarettes contain exactly 16mg of nicotine and lights contain 8mg. When you come to think of it, addiction is decreased with the tapering of nicotine consumption. You could start off with a full flavored cigarette and slowly taper it down to zero. Before they know it, Volcano Electronic Cigarette smokers would be puffing on zero nicotine cigarettes.

Rumor #3: Accessible to kids

Since most electronic cigarettes are being sold online, there is a great possibility that kids might become interested and purchase some for their own use. With all the media hype that it is getting, insert Johnny Depp on The Tourist here that is actually not a far off assumption. However, the way I see it, the responsibility rests on the parents of these children. These kids will not be able to purchase these cigarettes online without the use of their parent’s credit card and if they were not exposed to smoking at an early age. Strict supervision and guidance is needed as with any other online media or product.

Before riding on the bandwagon, check your facts first. The electronic cigarette may just rid us of our smoking problems. All the better for society and the environment, right? So, if you want to invest in a starter kit of your own, make sure you conduct your business with a reputable company with a steady stream of clientele. A lot of companies out there are not as trustworthy as others, so you have to be very careful. Remember, you are inhaling this product into your system. It is better to be safe than sorry. Volcano Electronic Cigarettes is a well-respected electronic cigarette company and you could never go wrong with it.