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Everything A Smoker Needs To Know About Electronic Cigarettes

By July 19, 2017Electronic Cigarettes
Electronic Cigarettes

Smoking was once the hippest thing to do, but it’s not anymore. The realization of its health effects has forever changed the cultural attitude towards smoking. These days society is far more health conscious than they were 30 years ago. More people are quitting traditional tobacco cigarettes in favor of smoking a healthier alternative called electronic cigarettes.

For anyone unfamiliar with this new and healthier smoking alternative, electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes as it is more commonly known, are an electrical device that functions as a cigarette minus the tobacco, nicotine, smoke and odor closely associated with a tobacco cigarette.

E-cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes resemble in their appearance with a slight difference: tobacco cigarettes are soft whereas e-cigarettes are hard. The similarities end here; for e-cigarettes produce an inhaled mist instead of smoke and are filled with e-liquid instead of tobacco. Also different is the fact that e-cigarettes are reusable unlike the disposable tobacco cigarettes.

People are drawn to e-cigarettes for its health benefits and there are indeed some great health benefits. The biggest benefit is the fact that there is no nicotine in it. This greatly decreases a smoker’s chance of getting lung cancer, which after all is linked to smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Just as good is the fact that people around smokers will not run the risk of getting lung cancer either. It is very unfortunate when nonsmokers get lung cancer – all because they were in the presence of smokers. Fortunately e-cigarettes prevent its smokers from harming other people’s health. This is because it doesn’t have tobacco, which carries the heavily addictive drug called nicotine.

There are some other benefits besides health worth mentioning in regards to e-cigarettes. Its smokers can smoke in “no smoking” areas because they are not endangering people’s lives nor creating an odor. This is especially appreciated by patrons in bars and clubs, which are two locations heavily clouded with smoke.

There are some concerns in regards to smoking e-cigarettes. This, of course, is to be expected with any product that relates to health.

The concerns surrounding e-cigarettes are whether or not this healthy smoking alternative is actually healthy. Some people worry that this smoking device carries health risks that can affect not only its smokers, but nonsmokers and children too. Fortunately, there have not been any reported incidents of smokers facing health problems for smoking these cigarettes. Also there has not been any reporting of nonsmokers or children being affected either for being in the presence of e-smokers.

For the sake of living a longer and healthier life, people who smoke tobacco cigarettes really should quit this habit. It is, after all, an addiction that has claimed the lives of millions of people, including nonsmokers.

However, for smokers who do not want to give up smoking altogether, e-cigarettes could possibly be the best answer to their cigarette cravings without sacrificing their lives or the lives other individuals. It is a solution definitely worth discussing with a medical professional for further information.

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