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Enjoy Your Breathe Of Relief In Using Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes

The breakthrough in quit smoking advocacy started in China in 2003. That was the time when a Chinese pharmacist invented a gadget we know today as electronic cigarette. It was then a personal vaporizer that brought cigarette smoking habit into a healthy level.

This personal vaporizer supplies marginal dose of nicotine that is inhaled through a vapor. The cigarette looks, tastes and smells like a real tobacco cigarette. However, you would not need a lighter or match to light it; it runs on a battery.

Amazingly, using this invention brings many benefits not only to the smoking quitter, the people around and the whole community as well. Second-hand smoke will be out of the question. Could this be the start of our all-green environment? Why not? There will be no toxic smoke around and most importantly – it will save us from fatal diseases like lung cancer.

If you are wondering how it works, it would be easy to spot the difference between this gadget and a regular tobacco cigarette. This e-cigarette is more construed as an inhaler; you inhale in it while in a tobacco cigarette, you smoke. The inhaler in this gadget is the main part or component. As you inhale through it, a sensor is activated. This sensor will trigger the device’s production of water vapor. The vapor is made up of small dose of nicotine and propylene glycol which give out a tobacco flavor.

The other important part of this device is the atomizer. This part is charged with the function of injecting drops of fluids into the flowing air that vaporizes the small dose of nicotine. When you puff this e-cigarette, the other end is lighted with smoke coming out also. As you inhale, you taste cigarette and when you exhale, you give out harmless and odorless smoke. With the same shape and size of a regular cigarette, a smoker gets full satisfaction sin the harmful effects of the many chemicals present in the traditional tobacco.

The taste or flavor or the craving satisfaction is not the most important effect of this amazing gadget. If you live in a family of smoker, you will find the big difference when everyone stops puffing. The air around is cleaner sans foul smell. Moreover, your atmosphere is devoid of harmful chemicals that are diseases inducing. With more people using this e-cigarette instead of tobacco cigarette, you can enjoy a healthy environment. This is also good-bye to second-hand smoke. This is farewell to the harmful tar.

Aside from the obvious health benefits, the use of e-cigarette eliminates bad breath as well as the foul smell that permeates your clothes, hair and belongings. As this does not contain tar, you can be rid of cigarette stains in your teeth and fingernails. This also eliminates the causes of smoker’s cough and gum diseases. Finally, the e-cigarette can definitely cause you to lessen your smoking. You will have no need to finish a complete stick. You can leave your cigarette and find it when there is another extreme craving. Well, this is only in case your cravings are very high. But as you lessen your e-cigarette smoking, you may ultimately find it easier to ultimately quit both real and electronic cigarettes.

There had been many queries on the level of nicotine in the personal vaporizer. Studies had disclosed that the marginal nicotine poses no problems as this is way below the danger level. So if you are a smoker, it is time to heal your lungs. You will only need to shift from tobacco to electronic cigarette.

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