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Electronic cigarettes vs. Tobacco products

By June 16, 2017Electronic Cigarettes
Electronic Cigarettes

With the fantastic advantages that electronic cigarettes offer over the use of standard tobacco products it is surprising that there are still many people out there smoking traditional cigarettes. It is enough to make you wonder if they are actually aware of the fantastic benefits employed by the product. The most desirable benefit of the electronic cigarette is the fact that it spares many health risks that are a great threat with the use of tobacco products, this means that you can smoke the product absolutely anywhere and whenever you wish. While there are many reasons why smokers turn to the use of electronic cigarettes, there is no doubt that the most prominent health benefits are not only advantageous for the smoker but also for their close ones and the environment.

Since electronic cigarettes have proven to be a much safer alternative to tobacco cigarettes, many converts say that they feel healthier overall after just a short amount of time. This fantastic invention comes with e-liquid in replacement of tobacco which supplies the smoker with nicotine whilst creating the imitation of smoking a regular cigarette. This is due to the e-liquid being transformed into vapour, which is then inhaled by the smoker, allowing them to get the same sensation at the back of the throat as they would from the use of a traditional cigarette. This liquid contains no harmful carcinogenic chemicals that come with the use of tobacco products, this enables you to smoke without the detrimental side effects, transforming the experience from a guilty pleasure into a purely pleasurable one.

Furthermore, electronic cigarettes are also a much cheaper and cleaner option, with the purchase of one cartridge costing around a third of the price of a pack of cigarettes, and if you don’t mind refilling your used cartridges it could even work out at 10% of the cost of tobacco cigarettes. The cost effective product can be used in many ways, whether as a complete substitute of tobacco product or for the convenience aspect of being able to smoke in bars and in doors at work during the colder months. For those of you who are looking for a solution to stop smoking nicotine completely the cartridges are available with different nicotine levels, ranging from zero to high. This enable the smoker to gradually cut down until they no longer crave nicotine, this allows them to experience the familiar feeling of smoking while decreasing their nicotine intake, making it a popular and affective solution.

With so many advantages to an electronic cigarette there has never before been anything more suitable for the replacement of tobacco products within the smokers market, and this has been proved by the great popularity of the product. It is simply amazing just how quickly these fantastic devices are taking over, whilst satisfying the desires that smokers carve all over the world without the negative associations that usually come hand in hand with smoking. They even come in a huge array of flavours ranging from a choice of leading brand tobacco imitations to sweet and savoury options available. With all this and more it is no wonder why people have converted to electronic cigarettes due to the fact that they feel as if they get more out of them at a cheaper price and with the added bonus of convenience.

Even non-smokers have become intrigued by the product and purchased it as a solution for their close ones in an urge to change their unhealthy habits into a clean and more sociable experience. The fact that there is absolutely no second hand smoke affecting anyone within the close vicinity allows the non-smokers to be more tolerant and the smoker to be more considerate.