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Electronic Cigarettes – Many Benefits Making Them Popular

Electronic Cigarettes

If you are a smoker and have tried to stop at any time, you know just how hard it can be. Cigarette smoking is one of the deadliest habits in the world. If you or someone you know have tried to quit then I bet you know just how hard it is. You have probably tried anything from gum to patches to you name it and still nothing has worked. Until recently, there really hasn’t been a viable solution that would end your urge to smoke. The advancements in micro technology have recently allowed for the development of one of the most revolutionary devices in recent years.

The electronic cigarette is taking this world by storm because it is so unique and such an in demand product. The electronic cigarette (or e-cigarette or electric cigarette) is a device that simulates smoking but doesn’t actually emit any smoke at all. The device is made up of 3 parts, the battery, the atomizer, and the nicotine cartridge.

When a user inhales on the end of the electronic cigarette much like they would a normal tobacco cigarette the battery then activates the atomizer. The atomizer heats up the nicotine solution until it is in vapor form. The vapor is then inhaled into the user much like smoke from a regular cigarette would. The vapor doesn’t contain the thousands of harmful chemicals that are present in traditional tobacco smokes so in theory it is much healthier. Although there hasn’t been enough research on the electronic cigarette because it hasn’t been around long enough, it seems like a much healthier alternative.

The whole process of “smoking” an electronic cigarette works just like when someone uses a regular cigarette. They inhale and then exhale exactly the same. When the user exhales the vapor the vapor then appears to be like smoke, but then evaporates very quickly. This leaves no lingering smell and no chance of second hand smoke.

You can also use electronic cigarettes whenever and wherever you want. In the United States, the smoking bans only target the use of products that contain tobacco. Since the electronic cigarette does not contain any tobacco, you are legally permitted to use it wherever you want. It is starting to becoming more and more common to see these devices being used in places like bars, night clubs, and even airplanes.

Electronic cigarettes are significantly cheaper to use than traditional tobacco cigarettes too. This is an added benefit that most people overlook. The cost of the equivalent amount of puffs from an electronic cigarette is almost 75 percent less. If you smoke a pack a day, over the course of a year you could easily spend over $ 1,500 just on cigarettes alone. With the electronic cigarette, you could save over $ 1,000 or more per year. So imagine having the freedom to get your nicotine fix whenever and wherever you want, save money, and kick the deadly habit of cigarette smoking aside, the electronic cigarette is making all of these things possible.

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