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Electronic Cigarettes – How do they Work

By June 12, 2017Electronic Cigarettes
Electronic Cigarettes

Like a lot many around, several smokers have been longing to completely do away with this habit of theirs. In doing so, they are seeking an alternative satisfactory enough that can permanently snuff this habit. This exploration has led them meet the revolutionary new product called Electronic Cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarettes come in sleek designs and innovative models; all there to provide the same amount of throat hits and nicotine as conventional cigarettes would do. The most appealing aspect is spelled out as being environmental friendly for blowing water vapors, resembling and working like regular smoke.

The widespread popularity is well depicted by various celebrities and athletes embracing its usage. To stay off tobacco cigarettes; use of electronic Cigarettes is getting trendy and fashionable with every passing day. Smokers are knowledgeable enough to endorse a wide array of electronic cigarettes brands in the midst of FDA battles.

How do they Work
3 components join together to make this product work; the cartridge, atomizer and battery containing nicotine. Every puff by the smoker atomizer gets powered by the rechargeable battery drawing nicotine from the cartridge to the mouthpiece producing nicotine vapors. In this way, nicotine is directly delivered into the blood stream via the lungs upon inhaling the vapor. Where atomizer and cartridges are made together into one single piece, this promises enhanced nicotine delivery, lasting much longer than the average cartridge would do. These called cartomizers are relatively more expensive than the regular cartridges.

Safe & Positive Product
Traditional cigarettes contain 4000 different chemicals out of which 69 have proven to be a cause of lung cancer. Electronic Cigarettes on the other hand apart from nicotine contain only a handful of chemicals. They are undoubtedly highly addictive however have come across as less harmful than the regular cigarettes although not FDA approved.

Several other positives do prevail such as the ease of smoking anywhere since no tobacco burns are there, therefore making way to continue smoking in banned areas as well. The vapor in addition is odorless, disappearing in seconds. Endless amount of flavors like vanilla, cherry, chocolate, banana etc makes it more appealing and quick embracing.

The starter kits are quite cheap and easily available. Smokers after a certain time have to buy nicotine cartridges. For most smokers, one cartridge is consumed per day, where heavy smokers would be up for a bit more.

As opposed to poisonous chemicals, electronic cigarettes contain water vapors thereby not contaminating people and air; marking them as environment friendly.

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