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Electronic Cigarettes – A Safe Alternative to Smoking

Electronic Cigarettes

Not many people are aware about the electronic cigarettes. However, these cigarettes are gaining a lot of popularity in the recent times, especially since people are concerned about the side effects of smoking. Electronic cigarettes have been introduced since the last three years and are one of the best devices to help smokers with a safer alternative. According to the reports, it has been estimated that electronic cigarettes have been successful to reduce or help quit smoking.
At the moment, this is the fourth generation of electronic cigarettes and these are quite user-friendlier as compared to the earlier versions. Also, the former versions were too bulky to attract a bigger mass appeal. However, the “mini” is a preferred version and looks exactly like the original cigarette, with the length of about 100mm, matching the size of the traditional cigarette. Besides, once can easily purchase the electronic cigarette starter kits from a major pharmacy or online outlets.
Once you decide to buy electronic cigarette starter kit, you will experience the benefits that come with it. To start with, the electronic cigarette contains the same taste of tobacco, however there are no harmful substances in the cigarette. This would help the smokers to deal with the cravings, without having to inhale several dangerous toxins.
An atomizer, a battery and a renewable nicotine chamber would allow the smoker to hold as well as smoke the cigarette in the same way as the traditional cigarette. Besides, it would create the same smoke out of vapor and the edges would glow as soon as the smoker draws. The nicotine chamber is one of the most important parts of the cigarette, since these cartridges are available in varying strengths. This would allow the smoker to reduce the amount of nicotine they inhale, until they can quit it completely. Typically, the nicotine cartridge would last for about 15-20 cigarettes, which turn out to be pretty affordable than the usual costs. Cartridge strengths vary from standard, low, medium to no nicotine. Apart from being a healthier option for the body, they are also environmental friendly. Since the electronic cigarette does not emit any toxins or dangerous substances or smoke, it is legal to smoke these cigarettes in public. Generally, a normal cigarette would wear off in winter or rain, but electronic cigarettes could be used in all weathers.