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Electronic Cigarettes – a clever smoking cessation product

By October 24, 2016Electronic Cigarettes
Electronic Cigarettes

Any habit when turns to addiction lead to harmful results. But when it comes to an addiction of something that is really hazardous to health triggers anxiety and demands a serious consideration towards the habit. The addiction of drinking alcohol, chewing tobacco and smoking cigarettes never came within acceptable limits of anyone. Not only doctors but people with an addiction also want to get rid of the habit as early as possible.

People, who want to lead a healthier and smoke-free life, try several methods to quit smoking. Among all the advanced and traditional strategies, electronic cigarette or e cigarette become the latest buzz for the people who make an effort to stop smoking. Electronic cigarettes are considered as a safe and effective nicotine replacement therapy. Over the years, various companies have been introducing several smoking cessation products and nicotine addicts have been using products like nicotine skin patches, nicotine gum that help them to kick the habit. Electronic cigarettes are the latest product on the market.

Electronic Cigarettes – modern, safer and economic substitute to smoking

Precisely, an electronic cigarette is a healthier alternative to smoking. The product which is also known as smokeless cigarette is actually an electronic inhaler that vaporizes a liquid solution into an aerosol, which apparently acts like tobacco smoking. With the help of interchangeable nicotine cartridges present in electronic cigarettes, an individual will gradually reduce the amount of nicotine as these cartridges are available in different strengths like full, half and minimal strengths. When a person gets accustomed to electronic cigarettes, he/she can slowly but surely cope with smoking habit. The alternative is not just helpful from a health perspective, but electronic cigarettes are also very advantageous from a financial point of view. Buying electronic cigarettes or vapour cigarettes can be quite economical in the long run.

In efforts to help Australian government to phase out smoking from the country and encourage all smokers quit smoking, Soulblu e cigarettes brand, owned by Soulblu Electronic Cigarettes, is continuously working to provide the best quality in electronic cigarette. Buy electronic cigarettes in Australia has been made easy by Soulblu. The brand not aims to promote electronic cigarettes among non smoker, but it intends to provide a real and safer alternative to tobacco.

Why to switch to a safer alternative?

What if you get a sensation of raising a cigarette to your mouth and having a pleasurable experience, even without being exposed to harmful chemicals and smelly smoke? Certainly it would be great!

Here is the list of some ingredients found in tobacco cigarettes which would surely compel you to switch to a safer alternative of electronic cigarettes. Substances like ammonia, arsenic, butane, carbon monoxide, benzene, cadmium, DDT, cyanide, lead, formaldehyde, nickel, polonium and to name a few.

The Australian government encourages quitters to use a nicotine replacement therapy approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). TGA, a part of the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing, is responsible for regulating therapeutic goods including medicines, medical devices, blood and blood products.

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