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Do Electronic Cigarettes Work?

By January 9, 2017Electronic Cigarettes
Electronic Cigarettes

Like many smokers out there you have probably been hearing about a recent invention called an electronic cigarette. You’re probably skeptical of nicotine products that claim to be safer than traditional smoking. After all, the tobacco industry has been rife in the past with misguided attempts at safer smoking. Ranging from light cigarettes to low-tar efforts, it is easy to dismiss new cigarette types such as the electronic cigarette as another example of simply repackaging the same-old risky, smelly cigarettes.

Times have changed and consumers are more intelligent about smoking and tobacco products. In addition, technology has allowed innovative companies to create new and improved smoking alternatives that are actually safer to use. One of these new products is the electronic cigarette. Thanks to its incredible design, smokers can now enjoy all the benefits of traditional smoking without the hassle or dangers of harsh tobacco.

Many smokers believe nicotine is solely to blame for the health problems caused by tobacco use. While nicotine may be linked to an increase in blood pressure and cardiovascular problems in some smokers, it is not the culprit behind the most dangerous consequences of smoking: cancer and lung disease. Realizing the difference between tobacco and nicotine is a fundamental to answer the question: do electronic cigarettes work?

The short answer is: yes. Electronic cigarettes eliminate tobacco from the smoking equation, giving the smoker a safer cigarette with far fewer health consequences than those caused by traditional cigarettes and cigars. It accomplishes this through a revolutionary system that allows the smoker to enjoy smoking even in restricted areas such as planes, restaurants, and bars.

Electronic Cigarettes deliver nicotine through interchangeable cartridges that are swapped in and out of the cigarette over time. An electric charge turns the contents of the cartridge into an enjoyable vapor that gives the same sensation as cigarette inhalation. The vapor lacks the carcinogenic additives and harmful chemicals found in other cigarettes while still providing the enjoyable benefits of smoking.

In addition, the electronic cigarette is non-flammable and lasts longer than traditional tobacco products. Electronic cigarettes will also save you money compared to the financial burden of traditional cigarettes. It is a safer cigarette that does not ash or cause annoying stains, odors, and discolorations. In more ways than one, the electronic cigarette is the best option for any smoker seeking a safer, cleaner alternative to traditional smoking that still provides an enjoyable experience. If you’re asking if electronic cigarettes work, The answer is a resound yes, they do work, and if you’re concerned about the risks associated with smoking, they’ll work for you.

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