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Cigarette Addiction: How Electronic Cigarettes Can Help

By July 18, 2017Electronic Cigarettes
Electronic Cigarettes

The whole world has been at war with cigarette smoking for the longest time and sadly, all it has accomplished successfully is spreading the awareness that smoking is dangerous to your health. Making smokers stop is the real battle. Fields of medicine, science and technology has worked hand in hand to win against it. With the advancement in technology, many devices were invented to help smokers quit. The latest and most popular is the electronic cigarette, which is a great healthy alternative for smokers.But in order to accomplish this goal to quit smoking, a smoker must first admit that he is addicted to smoking. In most instances, acceptance of the problem is one of the hardest parts to get through.

Addiction is a behavioral pattern of substance use characterized by a compulsion to take the substance primarily to experience its psychic effects. One of the hardest and most prevalent types of addiction is with cigarettes. The long term harmful effects of smoking are deteriorating to a smoker’s health. Signs of cigarette or nicotine addiction are as follows:

* Compulsion to smoke even in places where it is prohibited
* Urge to smoke within 30 minutes upon waking up
* Smoking cigarettes with nicotine content of more than 0.9mg
* Consumption of more than seven sticks of cigarettes a day

Addiction to cigarettes is usually accompanied by dependence to nicotine which also causes withdrawal symptoms like:

* Sore throats
* Insomnia
* Lack of concentration
* Headaches
* Nausea
* Coughing
* Irritability
* Depression or anxiety
* Increased appetite
* Indigestion
* Weight gain
* Cravings
* Diarrhea

These signs, especially the withdrawal symptoms, make it hard for the smoker to quit smoking. The tendency for relapse is always present. Nicotine is the addictive substance in cigarettes. Through inhaling, it is delivered directly to the brain within seconds and gives the so called “nicotine hit”. This is a stimulant effect that doesn’t last long so there is a need to light up another stick to get this effect. This is why people become dependent even after just a few tries. Most of the time smokers are hooked before they even know it.

This dependence to nicotine and the tactile satisfaction they get with smoking make it hard for smokers to quit. With the help of electronic cigarettes, nicotine consumption can be tapered down so that the client wouldn’t suffer the withdrawal symptoms they get when abruptly discontinuing smoking. Even the tactile stimulation smokers get from smoking is addressed in this device. Its features are made especially to make the smoker feel like they are smoking a real cigarette. Quitting of course needs a smoker’s compliance just like any other addiction therapy. Even die hard smokers who do not plan to quit can still benefit from an electronic cigarette. They can have the nicotine hit they crave for but without the unnecessary exposure to the other harmful toxins from tobacco.

Electronic Cigarettes can help smokers let go of smoking and eventually triumph over their dependence or addiction. Advancement in technology has had great effects on solving health related problems. Great inventions to help smokers quit are now available in the market. It wouldn’t hurt to try them as they have already been investigated and proven to be safe and really helpful. They even cut the expenses made with smoking real cigarettes!

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