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Can Electronic Cigarettes Assist In Helping You Quit Smoking

Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are the newest trend in quitting smoking. Can electronic cigarettes help you quit smoking? E cigarette supporters think so. One agency that does not support electronic cigarettes as a real way to quit smoking is the FDA. Kicking the cigarette habit with e cigarettes is certainly possible, but whether or not they are useful in this regard is not yet known.

Real cigarettes and their fake equivalent look remarkably similar. The distinction is the e cigarette uses a battery to turn liquid nicotine into a mist containing water and nicotine. Cartridges are used to house the nicotine. The user than inhales what tastes like tobacco smoke, but is in reality vapors.

The advocates of vapor cigarettes think inhaling vapor is indeed safer than breathing in real tobacco smoke. The sales material of e cigarettes does support this notion. Health officials still will not endorse this product as a real cure all for kicking the cigarette habit, nor do they support the theory that this product is safer than real tobacco cigarettes.

The FDA has conducted a study on the two most popular brands of vapor cigarettes. They concluded that the vapor does contain carcinogens. This material has been linked to cancer. This finding does seem to support the governments refusal to endorse this product as a safer alternative to smoking. In addition, it highly unlikely that health officials will link e cigarettes as a way to kick the cigarette habit anytime soon.

Another concern of some health advocates are the possibility of nicotine poisoning from inhaling the vapor. It is known that this vapor does contain nicotine. In addition, chocolate and mint flavors are added to some of these products in an apparent attempt to lure children and teens. Moreover, there is serious concern that non smokers may use the product assuming it is non-addicting. However, it is not known if non smokers who use e-cigarettes will become addicted to nicotine.

The world’s leading health organizations refuse to accept that e cigarettes are safe. Furthermore, they steadfastly refuse to believe e cigarettes are a workable way to quit smoking. They have serious questions on whether these products are even safe to use.

One interesting fact the e cigarette controversy has caused is; it is permissible to inhale vapors in no smoking areas. Vapor, unlike smoke is almost instantaneously dissolved into the air. This makes it possible to use e cigarettes without disturbing others. Advocates of e cigarettes think that other nicotine containing products are endorsed as a relevant aide to stop smoking. Supporters think that their product should be treated in the same manner.

There are vapor cigarette advocates who believe their product has a beneficial impact on the environment. They stress that there are no cigarette butts being discarded with their product, and trees are not being cut down to turn out cigarettes. These facts are certainly true. However, more time is needed to determine whether e cigarettes do in fact help smokers quit real cigarettes, and whether they pose any health risk from long term use.

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