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Buying Electronic Cigarettes in Australia

By July 29, 2017Electronic Cigarettes
Electronic Cigarettes

It is not the entire cigarette that is addictive. Instead, it is the nicotine in it that makes people addicted to it. There are even some people who want to quit smoking it, but they cannot just do it because their body and mind are both craving for it. This is especially true for people who had been smoking for so many years. It is in this light that there are some governments that ban anything that contain this substance. In Australia, for example, it is considered as a poison. Hence, there is a ban of this there, except for cigarettes and for medical purposes, which are in controlled amount. With that, can you buy electronic cigarettes Australia products there?

Is there a ban of this product?

In many countries, they specifically ban electronic cigarettes. One example of this is Brazil, which forbid the sale, as well as importation and even advertising of this product. In contrary, there are also some countries, like China, where both the sale and use of this are legal. Before, the case in Australia is different. This is because there were no laws in the past prohibiting people from buying such product, most especially when they came from online shops or imports. This is if the product will only be used for personal purposes. You need to know this if you are going to buy it from the internet.

Recent Legislative Developments

In the most recent post of the Australian government’s Therapeutic Goods and Administration (TGA) under the Department of Health and Ageing, any product that claims to be an aid to help people from quitting smoking is categorized as therapeutic good. If this is the case, then the law provides that it is illegal to import, sell and supply any such good, unless the product has been authorized by the TGA. Unfortunately, they said government agency has not authorized any electronic cigarette yet. So, would you be able to really buy electronic cigarettes Australia products in the legal way?

How can you get electronic cigarettes in Australia?

With all the points discussed above, it seems impossible to buy electronic cigarettes Australia products in that country. Well, you are wrong in that case. This is because there is still a way for you to get one. Of course, it is not by illegally importing it by not declaring it properly. Such thing is prohibited by law. Instead, if you want to import this kind of product in order to reduce your dependence on nicotine, you have to become a sponsor. In that instance, you need to file an application to the TGA.