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Are Electronic Cigarettes Really Safer Than Tobacco Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarette companies are touting a safer way to smoke cigarettes with no tobacco. You can even smoke them in public. These electronic cigarettes are coming under harsh debate by those who would not have you get your nicotine fix in this way.

Electronic cigarette purchasers have been coming back very happy with this product that allows them to smoke in public buildings, getting a quick nicotine fix without being a public outcast. The ease of use and financial benifit of spending less helps as well.

There are other nicotine replacement products like patches or gum, but none of them replicate the act of smoking. You cannot take a drag off a piece of gum or puff on a patch.

These electronic cigarettes look and feel like traditional cigarettes until you look closely. The end of the cigarette is a red led light that turns on when you take a drag to replicate the burning tobacco. That same drag activates an atomizer that quickly vaporizes warm nicotine into your mouth. A few seconds later your nicotine cravings will be totally gone. When you exhale, you will find a cloud resembling cigarette smoke. When you smell it, it does not smell noxious though. It is simple water vapor to replicate exhaling cigarette smoke. After all this, you are pretty surprised. Be even more surprised to find out that smoking these is cheaper than keeping a habit with tobacco cigarettes.

Stores and kiosks selling electronic cigarettes find that they cannot keep them on the shelves and stock sold out signs as much as they do the product, which has to be imported from overseas. While no smoking can be certified safe by health groups, it is a fact that electronic cigarettes have FAR less carcinogens than traditional tobacco ones.

The FDA is worried that because they contain nicotine, electronic cigarettes are a new drug delivery device. The FDA would like the product to go through the approval process before being sold, but it might be too little too late with all the people who are tearing them off the shelves as a cheaper, safer way of smoking.

The idea that these contain fewer poisons than tobacco cigarettes, are cheaper as well, and can be smoked in any public place comes together in the minds of converts. These are the big three reasons why so many people are trying this new technology. Smokers have been social pariahs since the public smoking ban hit, and now they can get their fix anywhere.

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