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8 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Electronic Cigarettes

By March 20, 2017Electronic Cigarettes
Electronic Cigarettes

With millions of people puffing (known as “vaping” in the world of electronic cigarettes) on them all over the world, there’s no denying that electronic cigarettes are getting more popular every day.

But what do you really know about them?

Chances are you DON’T know that:

1. They don’t contain any tobacco

You can feel free to “smoke” them (or “vape” them as we like to call it) most anywhere — even in some places that have been designated as “no smoking” areas.

Perhaps one of their biggest benefits is the fact that they don’t smell like tobacco. You won’t have to worry about having “smoker’s breath”, or having clothes that smell like stale smoke. Odds are that will make your non-smoking friends a whole lot happier!

And, because they don’t burn tobacco and are considered “tobacco” free, you won’t have to worry about your teeth turning yellow. Odds are that will make YOU a whole lot happier, too!

2. There is no ash

An ecig doesn’t contain tobacco and doesn’t burn anything. Therefore, there are no ashes and no ash problems.

3. They’re reusable

When you buy an electronic cigarette, you won’t have to worry about buying another one for quite awhile. That’s because the mouthpiece can be used over and over, the battery is rechargeable, the cartridge will last as long as a normal pack of cigarettes, and the atomizer will last through several cartridges.

Plus, when you switch to electronic cigarettes you don’t have to worry about buying all of the “extras” that come with their traditional counterparts — like lighters, ashtrays, and those special taxes.

In the end, you’ll wind up saving a ton of money by switching to electronic cigarettes — as opposed to stopping by the gas station for a new pack of traditional cigarettes all the time. In fact, some estimates say you can save as much as 70% just by switching to ecigs.

4. They come in menthol

If you’re more of a menthol lover than a tobacco taste lover, you’re in luck. Electronic cigarettes come in menthol just like traditional cigarettes!

5. The batteries are rechargeable

You can recharge your ecig battery from a wall outlet or from your computer via the USB port.

6. One cartridge lasts a long time

One typical electronic cigarette lasts about as long, or longer, than one pack of cigarettes.

7. No extra taxes

Electronic cigarettes aren’t burdened by all those extra taxes on regular cigarettes.

8. Stop feeling like a 2nd class citizen

Tired of most people treating you like a 2nd class citizen just because you’re a smoker? No tobacco. Nothing burning. No smoke. No smoky smell. No ashes. You’re days of feeling inferior are gone when you buy an electronic cigarette.

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