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4 lesser known benefits you get if you buy electronic cigarettes

By June 25, 2017Electronic Cigarettes
Electronic Cigarettes

Through word-of-mouth publicity, the popularity of an electronic cigarette has risen to an appreciable level. It has emerged that an e cigarette can let a smoker enjoy his swigs without harming him in the long run. In the past couple of years, the rate of shift has been phenomenal. A lot of people who swore by their old cigarette sticks coughed and huffed their way to best electronic cigarettes. What followed was an inevitable relief, a huge reprieve from cancer-causing fumes and furniture-damaging ashes! The detrimental effects of passive smoking also get done away when one shifts from conventional smoking stick to an e cigarette.

There are the usual benefits which everybody is familiar with. Also, there are some lesser known advantages which need a bit of highlighting. So, here is a synopsis of four such benefits you get when you buy electronic cigarettes:

1. The walls do not get blackened: Those who smoke at their place unintentionally blacken the walls of their room. The black smoke which is released by the toxic cigarette stick destroys the natural paint of the walls. Before long they lose their beautiful texture and begin to wear a dilapidated look. No homemaker likes to see the paint of the walls fading out prematurely. The solution comes in the form of e cigarettes. Since, it does not unleash those thick dark swirls of smoke, your walls stay fresh for a longer time.

2. Keeps the air breathable: In most homes where there is a chain smoker sitting within, others have to survive usually by poking their heads out of the window. It goes without saying that the atmosphere within the room gets laden with smoke, dust and stench. Those who do not smoke find it extremely difficult to breathe that kind of air of shrunken purity. The way out for them is to keep the windows open throughout the day or try to inhale fresh oxygen by craning their nose out of the sill. A more convenient alternative will be to buy electronic cigarettes. They do not release fumes and do not inflict a nauseating stench in the air. Rather, they contain fragrant liquid which vapors out to spread a sweet lingering smell in the room.

3. Adds durability to the furniture: When someone smokes, he drops a lot of ash on the table and the chair. Such a persistent act makes the furniture depreciate faster. This not just erodes the sculptural beauty of the furniture but also compels the homemaker to replace it prematurely. On the other hand, an e cigarette does not create those unwanted ashes. So, it adds durability to the furniture. On the same note, it can be said that lack of ash makes the daily dusting an easier task for the smoker’s spouse.

4. Snobbish appeal: As compared to a conventional cigarette which does no good to your social appeal, best electronic cigarettes actually make you an admirable figure! In lay language, it can be said that these chic cigarettes have an urban appeal, a catchy design and marvelous looks.

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