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If The FDA Requires A Prescription For Electric Cigarette Should Tobacco Be The Same

By December 24, 2016Electric Tobacco
electric tobacco

Things can just get ridiculously crazy when it comes to the tobacco industry. As it stands today, tobacco companies are still allowed to grow and sell tobacco even though everyone knows that the tar it produces and the chemicals that are put in it are deadly. Even though the FDA has recently been given jurisdiction, so to speak, over the industry and there could be a few minor changes in the way it is marketed as far as labeling goes, people will still be able to suck up as many deadly cancer sticks as they ever did and as legally as they always have.

Now this is where it gets a little crazier still. The FDA is supposed to be in place to protect people from deadly or harmful products in our food and medications. Then why is tobacco still legal at all? Oh yeah, the tobacco industry makes billions of dollars and the tax revenue from smokers has grown astronomically of late. Now the electric cigarette is being sold and tobacco smokers are giving it a try. It is less harmful than the chemical laden tobacco and there is no tar. There is no secondhand smoke to deal with, it is practically odorless, yet a smoker can still get the nicotine just like in their tobacco.

Now all of a sudden the FDA is very concerned about the nicotine that you can get from the electric cigarette and they want to consider it a drug. Well, they might have done that already in a way because the nicotine gum and nicotine patches that you get from over the counter can be purchased freely by smokers. So why would it be necessary for a smoker to have to obtain a prescription from a doctor to be able to use an electric cigarette? In the first place, no one in the e-cigarette business markets their product as a stop smoking device. It is for smokers who want to stop using tobacco.

Why does it appear that the FDA has it in for the electric cigarette when it can get people to stop smoking the much deadlier tobacco products? Oh yeah, it might not be in the best interest for some companies that we will let remain nameless. If the FDA has the best interest of smokers at heart as they are supposed to, why would they want to prevent smokers from using a product that has nicotine, just like other products on the market, but that can help a person stop smoking tobacco, which is supposed to be their goal, getting people to stop smoking tobacco? If the electric cigarette is so much less harmful than tobacco, why is the FDA not encouraging people to try this product instead of smoking tobacco?

That is a question that does not even sound complicated. Why do they not continue researching the electric cigarette for themselves and find a way to get rid of tobacco instead of hassling a product that can help people stop smoking it, which is supposed to be a goal for the FDA in the first place?

Another point is this. If the FDA requires that a smoker must obtain a prescription in order to have an electric cigarette because they have declared nicotine a drug, will they also impose that same rule and make it apply to buying tobacco and other nicotine products as well? After all, both the electric cigarette nicotine solution and tobacco cigarettes contain nicotine, so why should we have to have a prescription to enjoy one and not the other which is even more deadly to use?

And what about the nicotine gum and nicotine patches that are already sold over the counter without a prescription? They contain nicotine too, so does this mean they will pull these products back from over the counter and require a prescription for them once again as well? It would seem that would only be fair for all nicotine products including tobacco itself., that is providing the FDA wants to be fair and reasonable.