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Your Life’s Purpose

By January 15, 2017Ego

The human desire to search for our life’s purpose has a long history. We want to know at a conscious level the reason we are here on earth so that we can take responsibility for our lives and start living authentically. Are you seeking your life’s purpose? Do you take responsibility for your life? Are you living authentically?

Does this topic interest you? If so, were you following “A New Earth Web Event” that was online every Monday evening? Oprah and Eckhart Tolle taught an online class based on Tolle’s best-selling book A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose. It was a live webcast in which people from around the world watched online and also participated via Skype. Each week one chapter from the book was reviewed. We were amazed to learn just how many people are sincerely seeking emotional well being through identification of their life’s purpose. The report we heard stated there were almost two million viewers online and that didn’t count the people who watched the recordings at a later date, OR others who are following other avenues!

Tolle is a spiritual teacher and states that you can begin to awaken to your life’s purpose when you stop identifying the person you are as the chatter in your mind, the voice in your head. He calls that voice, those negative messages and reactions, the ego and the ego wants to be separate from everyone and everything else. The more you recognize your own ego, the more it will diminish and you will experience greater emotional well being. As you practice noticing when your ego is talking to you, you will be able to let go of the roles it has had you playing and you can begin living authentically using your core inner strength. Letting go of the ego in this way sounds simple yet it requires practice and more practice.

Do we work too hard at seeking our life’s purpose? In “The Secret” (book and DVD) it is stated that your life’s purpose is whatever you want it to be. It does sound like an oversimplified notion and yet it makes sense. You are in control of who you are. What you are passionate about is most likely related to your life’s purpose. So by following these passions and yearnings, using your intuition and disregarding the negative mind chatter, you will be living your life’s purpose.

Another perspective is that whatever you are doing at any given time, could very well be part of your life’s purpose. What we mean is that your life’s purpose may not be “one” thing or activity. It could be a series of steps that lead you in a specific direction with each of the steps being a part of your life’s purpose. If you are living your life from inner strength and eliminating that negative internal dialogue, you can relax and enjoy each and every step.

Copyright 2008 Lynn Hull and Julie Molner