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Your ego will kill your mlm business in no time

By December 10, 2016Ego

That’s the way the ego is, fighting to take complete control of our success if we let it. Not the ego of looks and vanity, or thinking you got the best in town. It’s the one that keeps us from moving on, let’s just say evolving for the better. We let our ego direct us away from what’s possible, especially when it comes to grasping on to some real growth in our mlm business.

This happens when we first get started in our home business venture’s. The ego is important don’t get me wrong, otherwise we would dress pretty funny and not care one bit, or even comb our hair and want to look good. I’m sure you know what I meen. But the ego can destroy our chances of becoming successful marketers, and interfer with sponsoring on a regular basis.

The ego minimizes our chances to look at things differently, and leed’s us away from our intentions. When we are new to mlm and trying to build our business this happens, and can go on for months. You start to become less optimistic, especially when your spending money and getting results you want.

Letting our ego move us along, we will continue to never past a certain comfort zone, and rely on marketing methods that never get us any where. Just going through the motions, and never any progress. Our ego likes to make us feel change is a difficult thing, and in a business like mlm, change is neccesary to keep moving forward and do what your intention was in the first place.

Our attitude is controlled sometimes if not often by our ego. It has a lot to do with our yes and no response, and hopefully we find some common ground. We all need to think about that, and why we are responding one way or another. Then we can adjust maybe the way we’ve been looking at things for our mlm business to move forward.

This is why the surviving your business at the very beggining for many networkers isn’t very long. If you want to really make your mlm work, you need to affirm to yourself to have more of a open mind and try to see things a little differently with your free will not your ego. Those that are successful at sponsoring are, because they are not looking for a magic wand.

I don’t sit around and analize everything, but I do have a inner genius like everyone else. And knowledge is the most important thing to being successful in your mlm, or any business for that matter. Sometimes you just have to connect to the right things to set your mind straight, and don’t let that ego keep you stuck in some sort of comfort zone.

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Video Summary:
Hey, this is Leo for Actualized.org. In this video, we’re going to talk about what is ego.

Let’s talk a little bit about what ego is. I’m sure you’ve heard about it. I’m sure you’ve heard people talking about the problems that the ego can cause for you. You’ve probably heard about ego death. You’ve probably heard about both positive and negative sides of ego.

Let’s talk about ego and, specifically, about who how you can understand this concept and relate it to success and personal development. It’s how to get more success in your life by understanding ego.

What is ego? Ego is basically that aspect of yourself that you consider to be “you.” When I say your name and you think, “Yeah, that’s me,” that is ego. Ego is your self-image of who you are.
Ego is a complex construct in your mind. It’s sitting both at the conscious and the deep subconscious level.

Ego is that “I” that you think you are. It’s the thoughts and emotions that you are identified with. It’s the beliefs that you think are rock solid and completely true. It’s what you think reality is like.

That whole construct is a big and deep iceberg. It’s like gigantic iceberg and only the tip of it, like 10 percent, is sticking out of the water. The other 90 percent is all submerged and you don’t know what it is. It’s just operating. It’s just working.

The ego is you. The ego has a couple of features.

The fundamental thing that the ego does is separates itself from everything else that’s out in the world. If you’re coming from the ego — and this applies to 99.999% percent of people, including myself — you say, “This is me,” and you look at everything else as not you.

That desk is not you. That other person is not you. That other country is not you.

You are distinct. You are just your mind and your body. You’re the skin that you have and everything beyond your skin is something else. You have that clear separation.

This is something that you get as a biological entity, as an organism who that needs to survive and depends on survival and reproduction.

We, as a species, and every living organism, has a sense of this. It’s the sense of “I”-ness. It’s the sense of “This is me.” This is what’s important and the other stuff is not so important.

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