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What Happened To Our Spiritual Power?

By August 7, 2017Ego

Spiritual power has been known long before the start of Sumer, the cradle of civilization.

Yet the history of humanity has been a miserable story.

What has prevented us from living a life full of hope, harmony, and flourishing success?

It is the loss of our comprehension of our real nature through the domination of the ego.

Western Civilization, according to traditional history, started in the squabbling little islands of Greece. This birthplace of democracy enforced its ideas through war and strife. Since then the history books have been written by those who won the wars.

The history of humanity is a history of domination. Its supreme accomplishment will be the destruction of the world.

This domination has been by the ego. This ego has expressed itself through dominant leaders and dominant groups.

The result has been suppression, since the beginning of recorded time, of recognizing our infinite nature.

Even when the great avatars showed up to demonstrate our true nature as beings full of spiritual power, their teachings became diluted into dogma and corrupted by the domination paradigm.

Domination, at its extreme, is through military power, but it also trickles down through politics, science, religion, and corporations.

What domination has always contributed to human welfare is misery. The greater the domination, the more aggressively enforced, the greater has been the collective misery.

Domination was invented by the ego. The ego, a psychic energy focused on survival, thrives on fear.

The opposite of the domination paradigm is partnership with all.

The only way to develop spiritually is to find the force of love that is expressed in a partnership with all beings.

Why does the ego thrive on fear when the real nature of consciousness is pure intelligence, love, and harmony? It is because the ego fears spiritual truth and considers the Self, the immortal part of us, the part independent of mind and body, its mortal enemy.

The ego is that part of us that believes that our minds and our bodies, our life and our experiences, embody our real selves.

However, since human life is fugacious and all models of domination crumble under the weight of time, the effort to survive forever in a human form is doomed from the start.

Would it not be better to begin a search for our true nature, the hidden dimension of us that came into this realm of experience to know more, love more, and experience itself more fully?

Only by living in a spirit of partnership with all life is anything worthwhile.

What can we do to change and regain our spiritual birthright?

We have to stop living out the dictates of our ego and live from our heart. Spiritual power can help us find the right work, the right relationships, and the right way to experience the happiness hidden within.

Who we are is more than we believe ourselves to be. We are consciousness exploring itself in a world of infinite possibilities. We are living expressions of spiritual power, infinite beings in finite form.