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What Are the Popular e-Go Cigarettes Available?

By November 25, 2016Ego

If you have the habit of smoking e-cigars then you will already be aware that Ego cigars are a popular model in this sector. This model e-cigar is highly affordable, has long battery span and goes well with atomizers with very low resistance levels to make sure that the vapour offered is of high quality even while using a smaller e-cig. Many manufacturers offer this model cigar of Ego Vape and smokers love it for the compact and simple design it comes with. However with so many variants available in this electronic cigar model such as Ego Mini, as a first time buyer, you might need some guidance to choose correctly.

What does e-Go cigar consist of?

Generally this model of e-cigars is made with the following components.

* Atomizers: This acts as the element of heating and it drips the liquid slowly to produce smoke.
* Clearomizers: This is a heating element that is draped inside the tank and feeds the e-liquid directly with the help of wicks.
* Cartomizers: The heating element has poly fill soaked in the e-liquid
* Tankomizers: this features the cartomizer that is housed within a big tank that contains e-liquid. The hole found at the cartomizer’s side helps the e-liquid present inside to remain soaked for a long time.

Original eGo cigar

This e-cigar has a classy look as it is designed with a lengthy battery of 1000mAh and an Ego 650 mAh short battery plus an atomizer with 510 capacity. It is also designed with a cone to enhance the look and to cover the atomizer. It comes with disposable cartridges in plastic and uses a tank to house the cartomizer. If you are on the lookout of a best e-cig with a traditional design then make sure that this e-cigarette is your choice.

eGo Twist cigars

This type of Ego Twist cigar has a battery which houses the regulator circuitry which enables it to operate with less than 4.8 volts. The battery of this e-cigar model is much longer than a standard battery for holding the extra circuit present in it. You can make adjustments in the voltage by twisting the cap found at the bottom of the battery. However you need not be afraid of smoking too much smoke when you hike its voltage as the maximum voltage is just 4.8 V.

eGo with 1100 mAh battery

The Ego 1100 product is offered with a unique design and expandable capacities as it does not have the tank feature like in the rest of the e-cig models. It has small cartomizer present at its top along with the coils to heat it. The cylinder made up of metal with a window and it protects the cartomizer correctly while helping you know the exact level of the e-liquid in it. It also has a cap to protect its blowing tip and it is powered by a battery of 1100 mAh and is offered at an affordable price to cater to all budget needs.

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