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What Are The Best Electronic Cigarette Brands Available In The Market?

By January 9, 2017Ego

Is Electronic Cigarette safer as compared to tobacco or whether they are the high-tech alternatives to connect a new generation on a bad habit of nicotine? Even though, several researches are conducted to find answers to these questions. Even after unknowing the results of the studies, the sales of these alternatives are booming, mainly because many people state that they are buying these electronic variants to get out of the habit of smoking. A study conducted in the year 2011-12 revealed that the sales of this product doubled during this period as compared to what it was earlier.

How do they work? These alternatives look like the original ones at the end glow as the user inhales. When they exhale, they puff out a cloud that just looks like smoke from the original ones. All e-cigars generally work in the same way, regardless of the brand and model. There will be a battery inside and here experts are of the opinion that those with ego C twist battery can hold for longer. In addition to the battery, there will be a heating element, a cartridge for holding the nicotine or liquid and this liquid is available in different flavors in the market to choose from. The cost of this product will vary as per the features present and some are available as disposable alternatives as well. On the other hand, some come with reliable cartridges and rechargeable battery. The act as using E-cigar is termed as vaping among smoking enthusiasts.

So, what are the popular brands of this product available in the market? Let us find out:

Mini ProTank 2: The mini protank 2 tool the already popular ProTank to an entirely new level of size and performance. The modular design of this model can be entirely disassembled for cleaning and for replacing some of its parts. The device also has a newly designed top cap that allows the users to use almost any 510 dip trip. The new design also ensures nicer draw, without letting out any vapor or flavor. Like the original ProTank, here too the a similar atomizer is used. This model is eGo Threaded and so it will work on all Go threaded devices without requiring any adapter.

T8 clearomizer: This model of electronic cigarette has a new and unique design and it features a saxophone style flat mouthpiece and LED light that inside, which illuminates in the tank with the user vapes. The tank is made out of highly durable plastic and it is easy to fill as well. The t8 clearomizer is compatible with Ego C twist batteries.

Music video by DALYB ft. EGO performing FASCINUJUCE. Produced by DALYB , guitare by Dominika Šporerová (c) F*CK THEM 2017

Nový rok by sme radi odštartovali informáciou o debutovom albume Dalyba, ktorý vychádza pod F*CK THEM v prvej polke 2017. Aktuálne má nahratú viac ako polovicu a prvý singel, ktorý ohlási jeho album je track s Egom na ktorom sa Dalyb po prvý krát predstavuje okrem produkcii, tiež na mikrofóne. Okrem spomínaného singlu prinášame fanúšikom tiež v poradí šiesty diel seriálu ONE DAY WITH tentokrát s Egom, kde budeme mať možnosť tiež vidieť proces nahrávania singlu FASCINUJUCE.

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