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What are the Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes over Tobacco Cigarettes?

By February 24, 2017Ego

When it comes to electronic cigarette, they have numerous benefits over tobacco cigarettes. While many people think that electronic cigarettes are expensive and almost similar to the tobacco cigarettes, it is not so. Here are some of the top benefits of e cigs –

* Electronic cigarettes do not contain any tobacco. This means that one can still get their dose of nicotine without having to intake about 4000 harmful chemicals including carcinogens that are produced due to the burning of tobacco. One can also experience the same oral fixation and the hand to mouth action that they are used to.

* These do not emit any smoke that can be irritating. Smoke from the traditional cigarette can stick to one’s hair, clothes, furniture and walls, which is not the case with traditional cigarettes. You can choose from various sweet aromas of e-liquids depending on your taste and the scent won’t linger.

* Since there is no flame or combustion process taking place, there is no ash too. There will also be no second hand smoking that can be dangerous for others around you. The smoke like mist coming out of your electronic cigarette is just water based and dissipates in a matter of seconds.

* You can choose e-liquids in different nicotine strength, from zero to high levels. This allows people to have more control on the amount of nicotine that they consume. You can start with the high nicotine level that you are used to with traditional cigarette and then gradually decrease your intake if you wish to.

* Since there is no second hand smoking produced, one can vape anywhere they want including restaurants, bars, hotels and also offices. There is no need to step outside the building and stand in the heat of the sun or blistering cold for a smoking break.

* Even though you will be required to invest a little amount of money when you buy a high-end atomizer kit, you will be able to save a lot of money in the long run. You will only be required to buy e-liquids to keep going. In the long run, the cost of electronic cigarette is about 80% less than the traditional cigarettes. You can easily purchase a starter kit like the EGO mini starter kit for very less if you re looking to try out vaping.

* Many times, discarded cigarettes can cause accidental fires and endanger lives and destroy properties. They also end up polluting the environment. The electronic cigarettes eliminate this risk and are more environments friendly. The batteries that come with the electronic cigarette are rechargeable and the e liquids are not hazardous as well.

With more and more people getting health conscious and smoking bans in the society, people are switching to electronic cigarettes because of the various benefits that they have to offer to people.

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