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Triumph Over Your Self-Image To Make Money On The Internet

By July 20, 2017Ego

The ego covers your consciousness and filters everything you sense and do. It’s like trying to look through a pair of glasses that has been splashed with different colors of paint. You can’t see anything the way they truly are.

And since every ego has been shaped by different events, this also means you will never see anything the same way as someone else. This is the reason one person can remain unaffected by an event while another falls into depression.

Have you ever seen a child with her newest doll? When you take the toy away, she cries and will do anything to get it back. A few days later when she gets a new toy, she couldn’t care less what happens to the doll.

When you took the toy away, it was the lessening of the ego that caused the pain, not the loss of the toy itself. It is the same with us. As we grow older, it’s our hot girlfriend, our house on the beach, or our bank account that identifies our ego.

The ego can take control and obscure your peace. You have to learn to overcome this powerful ego to make money as employment on the Internet. What are these blotches that can mar your perfection?

They represent the little things that you take for who you are: your likes, loves, and hatreds. They are the history that you can’t let go of. They are your memories, your hopes and dreams, habits and mannerisms. All of these combine to make your ego.

We have forgotten who we are; we’ve forgotten the true core and consciousness that has been covered by all these details. It’s sad, because the core contains everything we seek, everything we look for in the goals we chase, solid peace and joy.

Only you can control your ego. Stop the thoughts before they overtake you. Stop the ego from telling you how to live your life and from marring your peace. Do not let your ego identify with everything you have experienced.

I’m not saying that having a past is bad, most of our pasts have been terrific. But you pick and choose what you want to keep. Nothing is permanent and only you have the control to hold on or to let go; therefore, form your individual ego.

Worst of all, the ego is never satisfied for long. No matter what your goals are, you’ll only gain a temporary satisfaction from achieving it, and then your ego will force you to go out and seek more.

We all deal with our individual ego, but being aware and one step ahead is valuable in helping you to overcome the issues with your ego to make money on the Internet.

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