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Transactional Analysis Training and Its Core Pillars

By August 3, 2017Ego

There are many questions raises in the mind regarding Transactional Analysis. Most of them believe that it is a theory developed by the famous Dr. Eric Berne. As per their theory, it is a conceptual approach use to deal with the things that are going on our daily lives. Well, the Berne describes TA as a unit of social intercourse that enables people to understand the social and ulterior reading of transactions.

Mainly, professionals are using Transactional Analysis Training as a method to enrich the communication and utilized the way towards achieving the goal in the life. It described the outlines how one can develop and treat themselves and understand how to relate and communicate with other people and presents tremendous suggestions that allow an individual to change and grow.

What it Transactional Analysis Theory?

TA is an unobtrusive way helps an individual to unpack the label and move forward with the most effective tools and tactics to create a layout of successful career or life. The originator of TA theory, Dr. Eric Berne started it with some few ethics used as core pillar that are ego states, strokes, transactional analysis proper, time structuring, games, and script.

TA education and Psychoeducation both are using as the most powerful tool to manage the enormous spectrum of disorders and coping the breakdowns. It helps people to layout a happy family, boost involvement in the community, and society. However, it would be a precise grounding in the TA learning and training that would suit the parameter of psycho-education.

Concept of Ego States

Dr. Eric Berne, inventor of TA concerned a lot on the ego states. It is classified as three levels parent, adult, and child. The concept of ego states is used for the better understanding of our lives. Each ego states are represented by the capital letter to denote the difference between the actual parents, child, and adults.

The parent ego state is combined with the set of feelings, behaviors, and thoughts that mainly we have learned from our parents. As children, we have learned a lot from our parent’s actions, behaviors, and feelings. Children don’t know what the wrong things are and right they only adopt them in their behavior. At the time of childhood days, kids found their parents as a teacher.

The adult ego state is all about the direct response of the real world in present time. It is not connected to the past and seems as a processing center to learn about the things and integrates the positive aspects regarding our parents. In this state, humans deal with the things that are going on today.

The child state is the last state of this ego state. Likewise parents ego states, it is also a set of behaviors, feelings, and thoughts which were directly replayed from our own childhood days. One thing you should know about the parent and child ego state is that both constantly being updated and changed as per the emergence of the new generation. It is an archaic reminiscence that mainly hampers our growth of life.

Mainly, Transactional Analysis Theory is based on these three pillars that educated an individual about the psychological and social flow of communication. Due to relevance and clarity to the enormous continuum of human behavior, Transactional Analysis Training has found many applications and proved beneficial in assisting and supporting people in many ways such as setting goals, education, coaching, training, personal development, and management.